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Like tuning a radio, manifestation is an energy that you tune your vibration to match until there is no static.
This form of meditation is a Manifestation Meditation practice, where you are not only envisioning the desire but you are feeling it into being.
If you are not into meditation, which I won’t go into my sales pitch right now on why it is vital, perhaps you will journal instead.
You have several different options when doing this "pot of gold" money manifesting audio meditation.
Let’s have a little fun I have created two 5 minute meditation exercises to help you get into the conscious creation flow. This meditation exercise should be done every day and each day you do it, write down what thoughts and images come to you. 5 Meditation Breathing Exercises Using VisualizationUsing your breath as a focus point is the first step in learning how to meditate and controlling you conscious thoughts.
Cosmic BreathingListen to or read the script below and enjoy cosmic breathing cosmic breathing This breathing exercise can create healing, well-being, or inspiration for greatness.

Meditation Breathing Exercise; Breath AwarenessExpanding your awareness through breath work is easy and very pleasant. Meditation Exercise; Manifest Your Desire Part 2It can take some time finding your true desires and chances are they will change, as everything in life is forever changing. Meditation Exercise; Manifest Your Desire Part 1Manifesting your deepest desires comes from knowing what you really want. I am sharing this because there are many amazing ways to tune into manifestation and when you find the one that works for you, you realize it may help someone else. Next, I employed these 3 keys through this meditation practice that I will share with you below.
If so, in an upcoming post I will share a journal prompt to use that will help in your manifestation practice. Unfortunately most of the time these manifestations are built on subconscious thoughts and beliefs that may or may not serve your higher purpose. This is just the first meditation exercise and it may not bring you to what you truly desire, only to what you think creates happiness in your life.

If you are not a part of this Amazing community you can sign up below and receive Access to the Meditation Lounge where you can Download Guided Meditations!
Among ways on manifesting your desires, get clear an important principle related to staying in a clear space for your genuine manifestation. This is what I like to call a 60 second meditation that can bring forth positive change in your life. One side affect I have heard many people complain about is waking up the next morning feeling less than yourself.There are many ways to meditate but if you’re seeking a better night sleep then I would suggest a guided meditation.
Before starting your manifestation process, take time to eliminate all disbelief in your mind to be relaxed.
Once you can get clearer about all blocks, you can clean up them for positive manifestations.

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