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Time Management and Organizational Skills Marcus Simmons Coordinator – OSDS ICC – Tupelo Campus 2176 South Eason Bvd. I took the time to apply some of the tips from the group and other organizational skills to create a better place in my own house and to save some time. Applying Lean Management principles to my own place, I found out that sorting things out and setting a place for everything is a very effective strategy. We do not have the same organizational skills, by separating spaces we can find a way to live in peace. Big thanks to everyone in the group Organizational Skills, Time Management & Project Management (OSTPM) for your very valuable pieces of advice! We all have different characters and organizational skills, what is messy for me can be OK for you, and what is OK for me can be a mess for you.

I do not doubt that she was smart, but it was not a matter of intelligence, it was a matter of lack of organizational skills, time management and productivity.
Lean principles are applicable at all levels, all types of processes and, combined to other organizational skills, they even work to organize your own home. From the moment we decide to live with someone, we need to set some organizational rules in order to create harmony. Finding a solution together is not communicating your organizational needs and imposing your rules, is to find a way that works best for everyone, even if it means that some things won?t be exactly as you wanted them. I asked for advice on organizational tips at home and how to create a system to solve the chaos. Moreover, the employees will have to exploit their organizational skills to find a place to storage the three cakes for the next days.

The advantage of mastering great time management skills is that you can create a more balanced life while you still meet your deadlines and achieve your objectives.
Remember that it is always possible to create new habits to improve your organizational skills, the use of our time and space.

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