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This eBook explores the goal management best-practices that research says every organization should follow for success, the application of these best practices in a cloud-based talent management suite, and case examples of organizations who are achieving great results. The knowledge management and the compensation management is crucial for keeping the competitive advantage of the organization.
The performance management is a great HR tool for the productivity improvement and keeping the required performance standards. The modern organization needs a competitive business strategy and it needs skilled and competent managers and employees.
The knowledge of employees is the unique competitive advantage and it has to be properly protected by the organization.

Each modern organization needs a working performance management system, which keeps the required performance levels and performance standards.
The role of the HR Management is in designing, developing and implementing tools for the proper management of the human capital in the organization.
This simplified goal represents the complex system of HR processes, which have to be aligned to allow the skilled work with employees and managers in the organization. The compensation management is about setting the transparent and fair compensation structures for employees. The HR Management is responsible for the HR related processes, which lead to competitive and efficient work with the human capital in the organization.

HR is responsible for setting the efficient job design processes and it has to recommend the organizational design structures. The compensation management is a part of the basic protection against competitors on the market.

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