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Here are 6 Gmail tips to manage your email better including using the full power of the search box, learning shortcuts and filtering emails into different inboxes.
However, most people barely scratch the surface of Gmail's powerful features, many of which include being able to find the email you want quickly and easily. Gmail is always being updated and now, by default, it will warn you if you've mentioned an attachment in the text but failed to actually attach a file. Google is the king of search and this means Gmail has immense power when it comes to finding emails. You can enable extra shortcuts if these tickle your fancy by clicking the gear icon, going to settings and then going to the Keyboard shortcuts section. Gmail automatically filters emails into these tabs so you can ignore stuff that's less important and focus on what is. Messages and alerts from social channels including Facebook and Twitter go into Social, while newsletters, offers and other promotional emails filter into Promotions. By default email is shown in chronological order, so the most recent is at the top of the list. If you're an Outlook or Thunderbird fan, switching to the standard Gmail web interface can be unsettling. Here’s some effective email management tips for Gmail users that will save you time so you can focus on higher priority tasks. I’m a member of quite a few email lists so I color code them the using Gmail’s Labels function. There’s also email you still kind of need to receive, but they’re not your top priority, for example, order confirmations from customers if you’re running an ecommerce project like me.
Don’t keep a list of links to articles you’ll read someday in your email, but add them to a special reading app like Apple’s Reading List, Instapaper or my favorite Pocket where they can sit until you have the time for reading. At DeskTime we send quite a few email marketing emails and usage reports, and we use a friendly reply-to address so our clients can always reach us just by hitting reply.

For email from the newest service I’ve just signed up I use a one strike policy – send me one email that isn’t giving me any value-added and I’ll hit unsubscribe button. You can also use services like which let’s you unsubscribe from unwanted email lists.
Probably the single best Gmail labs feature next to Undo Send, which lets you cancel an email when you’ve hit “Send” too soon, is Auto Advance. Once you complete the steps, open the Contacts app on your device, syncing will start automatically. For any user, who has set up iCloud and want to sync contacts from another account (or already have contacts on the device), they need to select a Default Account. The automatic filtering is excellent and rarely gets it wrong, so emails from friends, family or important services arrive in your Primary inbox where you're most likely to see them. Fortunately there's a way to get a preview pane as you can in Gmail on an iPad alongside the list of emails. Email - even Gmail - feels a bit backward in that respect as the only notification is when you get get a new email. Lists or emails where you’re just one of the many receivers are usually lower priority and should not take space in your Inbox.
Otherwise you’ll email soon will be overflowed with starred articles from many months ago you might read one day. It’s a bad habit altogether, but since you’re probably doing it anyway choose the best tool to process your email quickly on the go. Their effortless email archiving with a single swipe is amazing, but what I love most about this iPhone app is Snooze options.
Don’t let it sit your Inbox an bug you for the rest of the weekend – just snooze it until next week. Don’t let companies spam you because one day they might send you an interesting offer – there’s just no place for emails like these in a modern world.

It automatically shows the next conversation instead of your inbox after you delete, archive, or mute a conversation. And this has to be there on your priority list as your Gmail contacts are important to communicate with every day. CardDav allows you to edit, remove and add your contacts from your device and you can keep your contacts in sync everywhere you use them. He is passionate for wonderful apps that change the way your iPhone interacts in your life.
Lists you should color code are your work project list, out-of-work activities like choir, bands, NGOs and other clubs or groups. Some email lists you need to check once daily or even weekly, so I let them skip inbox, archive it and check them occasionally. Mailbox will automatically deliver this email back to you when you’re ready to process it – at the beginning of next week.
It focuses you to get your email and cuts down the click you have to do to get to the next email. brings the 'double-tick' to your Gmail inbox, but obviously you'll need to access your email via the Chrome web browser for it to work. I also occasionally check email on evenings and love how with just few taps Mailbox let’s you postpone all email till tomorrow’s morning when you’re actually at work and ready to work on it.

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