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Raymond and Sheena Scott are presented with a whopping big check by Bill Robinson, president of the Alberta Gaming & Liquor Commission. A very shy man from a tiny Alberta hamlet made his wife blush and a room full of people laugh Thursday when asked why he was in the Mini Mart that day.
Raymond Scott has a history of telling his wife he's won the lottery, even when it's just been a few bucks. So when the northern Alberta man recently scanned his $50-million winning ticket, she scoffed when he told her they won the big one on the Aug.

Scott had often thought about winning the lottery, but had no idea how it would actually feel.
Lotto Max jackpot winner Randall Rush poses for the media at the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission in St. On Friday, Rush spoke with media at the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission building in St. Alberta has proven to be one lucky place to be as another multi-million dollar lottery ticket is said to have been sold somewhere in the province.

Little information has been released and the winner has yet to step forward but the Western Canadian Lottery Corporation has said a $50 million ticket was sold in Alberta for the Aug. Last year recorded a record number of prizes that topped a million dollar in Alberta with 45 of them totalling $206.4 million.

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