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Yoogaia, a Finnish company founded October 2013, has been providing their interactive classes online to the public since January 2014. All classes are live sessions that enable the instructor to comment the attendees’ practice on individual basis, provided they have allowed for the optional 2-way connection. Right now a one-month subscription costs 15 euros, about $19, and one year is 150 euros, which is about $190, kind of a huge deal if you’re used to paying almost that much for one month or two at a yoga studio. I finally more or less got off my old blogsite, and onto a message board dedicated to at-home fitness (and at-home yoga). It also makes Sunrise classes accessible too for many parents of young children who may not have the resources to take early morning classes in a yoga studio, for those who live far away from a yoga class and also facilitates the organising if a family want to practice all together.

In order to bring classes to English-speaking students, they launched a crowdfunding campaign over the summer, raising 192,172 euro (roughly $216,500 US dollars).
There is no upper limit to the amount of participants on any given class, so everyone always fits in! Yoogaia is the company looking to bring interactive yoga classes, not pre-recorded, but live classes like doing a webchat or skype, to people in their homes all over the world. Online yoga has skyrocketed into a booming business with several legit options, besides resorting to the old YouTube machine for practice.
It has only been for people I know, but I’ve been working to build a few more classes for new students.

While no one has been able to figure out the hologram yoga classes we’ve been expecting for years, this may be the next closest thing.

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