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So when Lifecoach appeared on KPL and Nvidia broadcasts with a Warrior deck, people were intrigued.
And while it was awesome to see a non-oil Rogue pack punches and win a series, Lifecoach remains undethroned on top of Horde.
The tricky part is that more experienced players will most likely anticipate that presence of mechs on a board is a bad sign for them and they will aim to remove your mech as soon as possible. The reason were their class-specific mech cards like Goblin Blastmage and Powermace, which were far superior than Warrior’s Screwjank Clunker.

Then again, there’s some satisfaction in punching your opponent not just with mech minions, but also giant axes. So far Warrior seems like a class with basically only one archetype which is obviously Control Warrior. This was as far as Trump went however, and the dwarves did manage to swarm over his mech Mage. With Trump and Kolento on the very edge of the top three and with Lifecoach and Hyped already in the finals, the final sixth spot was going to be decided here and now.

The Mayor kissed the playoffs goodbye; Lifecoach, Hyped and Kolento became the Horde reps for the finals.
Lifecoach knew this so he put all the good mechs in his deck and also added several cards to help with the aggression.

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