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I only recently discovered this app but it has fast become one of my favorite apps to keep you on track. Just found out that we have an upcoming fashion post that has android and blackberry app links. Life Planner help you with more tight and useful plans of using seven day's daily scheduler from sunday to saturday. I was reluctant to use an electronic calendar, I just preferred paper but I am always on my iPad, so my boss convinced me to buy this app and carry less, my shoulder was starting to hurt. Over the last couple of weeks I started typing my tasks in the Notes app of my iPhone and though there had to be an app of some kind. The fact that you can have an alert go off from 5 minutes, to an hour before your planned event is exceptionally helpful! Easy access for quick note taking, and today's currently planned events and task list, and I would pay $15 for the app. Designed for those people who’re looking for a full-featured app to manage daily life better. I would love to give this product the 5-star rating it should deserve, as it really is an excellent planner app - BUT as others have noted their customer support is abysmally poor or even nonexistent.

I originally had downloaded the free app, but after just a few days, I decided to download the upgrade. UPDATE: New update seemed to be really buggy and as consequence whenever I for a task hit the button to turn off the reminder, the app freezes and I have to exit.
I can look at my planner from any of my devices and know what is on the schedule for the day. The ability to assign tasks to a day and time is why I use this app, and it does so very well. I love this app, but these changes area needed to keep up with the other calendar apps out there! I have changed the setting to order by due date, I have also went in and edited all tasks and projects and have them due and specific times in the day hoping that the app would organize them in order that way and it doesn't. Maybe other theme colors besides purple, and the option to have the date on the app badge like iCal. As it is ,you know have appointments but not when they are, how close to the next appt, etc ,unless you click on each one and write the time somewhere. I will continue to use this planner instead of using my old fashion pencil and paper planners.

We combine events, tasks and notes in one place so that you do not need to spend extra money for other apps.Planner Plus provides kinds of settings for different requirements from kinds of people.
I love the colors, but would appreciate more control over changing them for different calendars.
By far the simplest and most complete productivity app there is, also seemingly plays well with all my other productivity apps, but a couple more upgrades and this app would be in a class of its own!
The Notes is pretty bare bones (it would look nicer if when I clicked on a note it wouldn't immediately open to edit mode, I want a view mode) and I would like the option to create an undated Note so I could also use this app for my notes. I think this app has great potential and for the cost, both mobiles and desktops are worth it as long as they fix the syncing issue. I am possibly the biggest procrastinator in the #world so I use several of these apps to keep you on track in order to motivate and remind myself every day.

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