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We've mentioned Hyatt's example of a life plan before, but this blog post is a good, quick introduction to why you might want a written plan for your life and what the key elements are. In this part of the workbook, you will have a chance to think about your life and the kinds of things that. This will make a copy of your exact plan which you can place in the next day's box, so you can continue on! He also offers a free 93-page e-book with templates if you sign up for his newsletter (which you can cancel at any time) and a free Life Plan Word document template (no signup required).

New standards to implement, lesson planning around the clock, falling asleep in an armchair before 9:00 PM. For $12.00 a year, it is a dream of a bargain considering how much easier it has made my planning life!
Leadership speaker Michael Hyatt offers a number of resources for creating your personal life plan. As current and former The idea for the Thinking Ahead workbook originally came from California advocates You will have a plan to share with important people in your life.

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