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Life Coaching may be tax deductible as a business expense or refundable through your health insurance policy. Individual Life Coaching Session1 x One Hour Life Coaching SessionOne session of personal life coaching for one person for one hour. Success Package9 x One Hour Life Coaching SessionsNine sessions of personal life coaching for one person. Sometimes an individual is looking for a more directive and focused approach to changing his or her life. Cultivation counseling has life coaches that can help you gain clarity into the life you’ve imagined for yourself, and how to get there. Perhaps an individual is looking for coaching on a relationship or dating, a coach may help this individual develop specific plans and strategies to improve romantic relationships.
Our coaching approach is willing to think outside the box and provide the techniques, structure, and setting that will work best to meet your needs.
Nikki is a life and leadership coach offering a dedicated coaching programme for successful business women.
Book your free consultation to find out more about this life coaching programme and if working with Nikki is the right fit for you.
Leadership coaching for ambitious women who are passionate about business – not to mention life itself – and desire to experience life in their full potential; to balance life with work and create from their passions and brilliance. Living life in such a manner can lead to feelings of dissatisfaction, and the constant nagging question of ‘What could be’. Business Coaching is the practice of providing support and advice through Team Building, Training, Leadership Development and Executive Coaching to an individual or group in order to help them recognize ways in which they can improve, increase overall performance and better impact the business.

If you are interested in business coaching services, Call coach Jim today at (530) 426-8404 for a free coaching session.
Sanjay Behuria is the founder and CEO of Know your Self Coaching Services LLC and personally conducts all the coaching and consulting services of the firm.
Business Coaching builds an extraordinary relationship between the organization and the coach to build commitment and accountability that transforms the whole organization to achieve its greatest potential. During my Business Coaching assignment I also provide the following services as may be required for the business to achieve its highest potential. Growth Package6 x One Hour Life Coaching SessionsSix sessions of personal life coaching for one person.
Whether you are seeking personal growth, want to take your career to the next level, or want to get past a weight loss plateau, Cultivation Counseling has Life Coaches that will help you gain insight into your goals, and any obstacles that may be standing in your way. The confidence and dedication to make powerful changes to their life, so they enjoy vitality, success and a deeper sense of happiness and contentment. Here is a short list of some of the unique elements that have been put into our client’s past coaching plans: teaching dating skills in social settings, nutritional training, grocery shopping with clients, fitness training, on-site job coaching, developing weekly menus, and educational structuring.
At DNA, we specialize in the areas of Team Building, Training, Leadership Development and Executive Coaching. Sign up for at least 6 months of coaching – many quit at about 3 months because of fears and old limiting beliefs and just before results start arriving. The business coaching has a three stage process which will lay down strong foundations for high growth and profitability. While DNA's network of Business Coaches is often called in when a business is not performing well, WE ENCOURAGE businesses to recognize the benefits of business coaching even when the organization is successful or looking to leverage the abilities of current staff.

Life Coaching can help you redefine your goals and provide accountability as you work towards those goals. Some elements of coaching we offer are: building relationship skills, nutritional training and building menus custom to fit your lifestyle, breaking through mental barriers to achieve goals, fitness training, improving job-performance, creating a healthy life balance, organization, stress and time management, and personal growth.
Currently she travels between London and San Francisco and coaches in both locations – in person (when she can) and on Skype. You want quantum-leap results in your business and quality of life, want support and aren’t exactly sure how to do it – we’ll make up a custom plan just for you.
DNA provides real coaching, practical guidance and essential road maps to help employees (especially executives) move to the next levels in their careers.
Life Coaches at Cultivation Counseling act as a sounding board to help you discover inner motivation and make the necessary changes to achieve your goals and regain that zest for life. If you are interested in becoming a life coach or business coach, here are the two best books on the subject that I’ve ever come across. My unique coaching methodology produces breakthroughs in areas previously believed impossible.
My goal is to create lasting changes in your business that will contribute to your triple bottom line of people, profits and planet by holding employees and the leader accountable, higher sales, more profits, business ethics, environment friendly systems and processes, collaborative teamwork, clear and effective communication and work life balance.

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