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They are self-tracking applications, designed to help you increase your understanding of all the things that affect your mental health. I can speak both as a mental health and wellbeing service user and as an occupational therapist. Before they began using Optimism, I worked with each individually to get an initial feel for each section and scale to ensure they had a good sense of how to negotiate the app itself. I do really like this piece of software and feel it is appropriate for its intended purpose. Then I asked them to simply use it daily for one week and discuss their experiences during the next session. Absolutely no regrets, reliable, useful, easy to learn and just the sort of tool for tracing triggers for various moods and behaviors. In general people achieve better health outcomes when they educate themselves and are proactive about their health.
I could not ask for more from the software, being incredibly flexible to customize to my needs, or the developer, so eager to help.
Second is a totally free 14 day manifestation exercising, manifestation law of attraction technique and mentoring specialist and.
Find concrete starting points for working out what and how things are affecting your mental health.

I have been using this software for the past couple of months, and it has been extremely helpful in picking up subtle patterns. Note that the NIMH Life Chart is a paper-based system and is not the same as the Optimism mood charting application, although they have similar methodologies and purposes. A continual feedback loop, in the form of charts and reports, is powerful in helping you discover the drivers of your mental health, and what is helping or hindering you. Incidentally, this software could easily be adapted for depression sufferers, those with chronic pain, or even athletes. For detailed information about the National Institute of Mental Health Life Chart (NIMH-LCMTM) visit Medscape (requires login).
By using a mood chart you can monitor the patterns in your life and identify negative influences (or "triggers") that you need to avoid, and early warning signs that your health is deteriorating. Given that their purpose is helping people with their mental health, we think it's better that everyone benefit from all improvements. As well as support queries, we are always grateful for feedback and suggestions for improving the apps. The apps act as a springboard to detect patterns in your health and develop strategies to proactively manage depression, bipolar disorder, and other mental health conditions. A mood chart should help you form an understanding of your triggers and symptoms, and which health strategies work for you.

Between January 2008 and October 2010 there were 35 releases for the Windows and Mac software, all of them available free for existing clients. This allows for a much easier, objective assessment of how you are doing over a period of time, or how changes are affecting you.
Rather than be a passive recipient of treatment, or just seek treatment in reaction to a new episode, a mood chart can help you to have more involvement in your health and a sense of control.
I would say that out of the 10 various apps I bought in the last 3 weeks for my new macbook, this is by far my favorite. By keeping a mood chart you can provide your health professional with a precise, detailed history.
It is also a similar format to Wellness Recovery Action Plans (WRAP), but in an electronic, easy to use and accessible format.
I feel that the software encompasses the idea of mental wellbeing, recovering and condition management perfectly.
I've used this app every day for over a month now and I'll be using it for a long time to come.

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