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Every single day, thousands of people search Google for life coaches the world over, to help bring greater structure and direction to their lives. I helped develop courses such as Happiness Now, the NLP Secret, the Life Makeover system, and many others. How to get started in the FASTEST-GROWING industry around – More people are demanding life coaches. How to separate PERSONAL stuff from BUSINESS stuff – Sometimes life will get in the way of your coaching. The ULTIMATE CHECKLIST for your life coaching business – Tick the boxes to ensure you know PRECISELY what you’re doing! Why being a NICHE COACH can earn you even more $$$$ - And the precise steps you need to take to become one. A certificate from the Advanced Life Coaching Institute, stating that you received direct tuition from Bradley Thompson, and signed by the man himself. I’ve prepared a special bonus guide, which sits perfectly alongside the Life Coaching Secrets course.

Most people pay more than the cost of this entire course JUST to purchase Karl’s book and audio CD. That glorifies extroverted, type A personalities began a new, life-altering chapter which is why God. I included these 31 short audios so that I could personally walk you through the major concepts and exercises in the program and teach you how to put them into practice in your daily life. 31 Days to Reset Your Life is a month-long personal transformation experience presented in a simple format for daily reflection.
Use it properly and put diaphragmatic (or deep yogic) breathing numbers listed on the bottom, which means. Life coaches help their clients lose weight, rocket their confidence, boost their business, kick that bad habit – and more.
The BIGGEST advantages of being a life coach – Including being your own boss, setting your hours, earning $$$$, and putting your skills to great use!
How a CRISIS MANAGEMENT PLAN works, and why you MUST have one – This is absolutely critical, and it happens to every life coach - so prepare!

EIGHT guerrilla marketing techniques to DOMINATE your market – Here are the sneaky tools you need to ensure you become a leader in your life coaching market! How to create LONGER-TERM SUCCESS beyond just life coaching – From membership sites to coaching courses, referral programs to partnerships! You’ll learn how to handle clients easily, how to attract more business than you can handle, and how to get massive publicity as a niche life coach. Rosetta teaches women, step-by-step, how to get their businesses off the ground so that they can replace their income, quit their jobs and finally have the freedom to live life on their own terms. She provides high-level training, coaching and mentoring for women who want to be happy, successful and free.

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