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NormaLas Vegas, NVA very real, comfortable, easy, rewarding experience.Don't think about trying it anymore and JUST GO FOR IT! IvyLas Vegas, NVReiki Energy WorkAnyone who is thinking about having a session really should!! A world traveler currently in Ontario Canada, Ginny lives her life playing with the amazingly powerful Law of Attraction. Her approach is a fusion of her training in feng shui, multiple body work modalities, energy work and law of attraction coaching. Tracy is a certified Law of Attraction Life Coach specializing in women’s empowerment business coaching and Spiritual Journeys. Janette is a gifted coach who uses her powerful skills in numerology and astrology to reveal her client’s most powerful and authentic selves, and then brings LOA, positive psychology and neuroscience to the mix to create practical, real-world strategies tailor-made for each client.
Anne Bolender’s Clarity Coaching helps you align to your life of quality easy, find your truest path, and deliberately create your authentic life.
Goddess Allison is a Law of Attraction Life Improvement Coach who specializes in Soulmate Matchmaking & Abundance Development.
Learn more about Jenny at Fresh Start Coaching, where you can email her to book a complimentary introductory coach session. She uses LOA, life coaching, EFT tapping, oracle card reading and Chakra Healing to teach her clients how to move through negative blocks and create business, life and spiritual transformation.
To a life of quality easy where work felt like play, where you trust your inner strength and courage, and where you enjoy success on your terms.
Whether you’ve just heard about Law of Attraction or are already familiar with it and want a reminder of how to use it in your daily life, David will be pleased to offer you a free mini-session.
In order to create something different in your life, you need to be vibrating something new.
She helps clients tap into that energy to create their lives by using just their own thoughts and emotions, to be inspired to what they want to create, and to enjoy every step on their journey through life. As an Attraction Coach, assisting people like you, to create new patterns, expectations and beliefs is Imelda’s speciality. You’ve taken a step towards aligning within your full power and drastically transforming your life. I’m here to help you break through those restrictions so you can achieve an entirely new level of life quality and well being.

Consider the value of having an experienced guide at your side to help illuminate the best possible path as you take the necessary leaps & bounds to create the life of your wildest dreams. We explore root issues and release blocked or stuck energy so that you can move forward in your life, easily and effortlessly. Joy inspires people to follow their dreams and to actually create and live a life they want to live. Nancy is a dually certified life coach and intuitive working mainly with the laws of attraction which focuses on how each of our individual vibrations call in certain lessons that support us to evolve and progress forwards. Cassie is your coach if you feel like you know the how tos of the Law of Attraction and Deliberate Creation, but things aren’t manifesting routinely.
Llynne is a personal reality architect coach in Las Vegas, Nevada who helps people get laser clarification on what they want. David is a certified Law of Attraction life coach and the author of “Vibratize Your Life!” who works with men and woman, both straight and gay. In her opinion, daily happiness and joy are the true tests of a life well lived and the real measure of a person’s success and prosperity. She describes her work as a blend of soul archaeology, brain whispering and joy navigation, and says that identity shifting is definitely not the mainstream approach to life.
In addition to law of attraction coaching, Ruby also practices and teaches Vinyasa yoga, consults with budding businesses, and conducts behavioral workshops for corporations. But it is only by facing yourself head-on that you can then make conscious transformations, continue to awaken within the dream of life, shrug off negative events, and handle your emotions within a much larger framework than yourself.
Melanie Bates is a Book Shaman and Life Coach helping people become masterful storytellers in their lives.
After manifesting two vision boards in a short period of time, Sarah’s learned the trick to getting vision boards to manifest and how to quickly recreate your life. He teaches his clients how to attract more of what they want into their lives, and how to enjoy life more and more each day. Ellie Walsh is a Law of Attraction Trainer & Life Coach who helps clients understand and utilize the Law of Attraction in their daily lives. She uses much of this strategy in her Law of Attraction Coaching and seminar sessions to teach “everyday people” how to live a life beyond their expectations. Harnessing the awesome power of the Law of Attraction and other universal Laws is at the core of all her coaching.

Eoin personally trained with Bob Proctor (from ‘The Secret’) and his passion is sharing life wisdom with others! Matt O’Grady is the LOA Business Coach who teaches business owners and entrepreneurs to focus on the power of the moment, gratitude, and to understand the Law of Attraction’s awe-inspiring capacity to change one’s existence. She offers workshops, teleseminars, and private coaching to support deliberate creators, and is the author of 4 Steps to Creating the Life You Desire. Self-employed for 16 of those years, she uses the same techniques and tools in her own life and business that she now shares with clients. Loago is a Law of Attraction coach based in Melbourne, Australia with a background in financial investing (former Certified Financial Analyst, Senior Equity Analyst) who uses Theta Healing in conjunction with Law of Attraction to give clients a unique perspective in creating financial abundance along with whatever else makes their heart sing. While traditional coaching focuses mostly on asking questions, Nancy’s approach includes asking coaching questions to help clarify desires, then mentoring toward your unique vision of success. Eoin coaches individuals, groups, businesses and athletes on how to apply the law of attraction to everyday life and live a fulfilling life of happiness, health and success. Linda loves coaching and says that her purpose in life is to help people to really start living their lives using their thoughts. She coaches people to achieve their goals, have fun doing it and to build up visions for their life that make them feel really good. She offers an enticing and life changing alternative which is about inspiring women to make today the best day of their life not someday in the future. Known as the Goddess of Laughter and Possibilities, Elaine helps clients get clear on their vision, discover hidden challenges, design inspired action strategy, shift beliefs and rediscover the magic in life. In addition to New York Times bestselling authors, Melanie also works with visionaries and entrepreneurs in building the foundations of their empires and, most importantly, helping them to define and shape the story of their work and life purpose. Your beliefs, your feelings, your chronic thinking patterns and expectations ensure your life stays the same. Law of Attraction marketing coach Andrea Conway works with solopreneurs and small business owners ready to receive the income and success they want from the business they love. Jenny Grainger has been working as a Life Coach, Law of Attraction Coach and Inspirational Speaker since 2005 and has helped hundreds of people across Ireland to create positive and meaningful change in their lives.

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