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Bajakian originally planned on coaching and teaching at the high school level, but after an independent study with the Williams coaching staff during winter study his senior year, he got hooked on college coaching. Because even entry-level college coaching jobs are difficult to get, Bajakian began his career at Delbarton Prep School, teaching math and coaching football and baseball. Jones had just gotten the Head Coach job back at Central and wanted Bajakian to come on as the Offensive Coordinator.
When it became clear he wouldn’t make it as a professional athlete, Bajakian began planning for a career in coaching.
After that, he finally became a full-fledged position coach, working with Quarterbacks at Central Michigan. I make sure we start off every meeting talking about their personal lives or current events so they understand that there is life outside of football. A friend I know and admire recently booked to see a life coach for help in making some key decisions. The odd thing about life coaching is that you know little about the background of the person helping you. Over the last 20+ years I have helped people overcome challenges and achieve goals in all areas of their life. Countless men and women have come to me feeling broken and powerless to their situations and circumstances in life.
The greatest challenge I have ever overcome in my life was to have courage in the face of fear and believe in myself. I can sit here and tell you some sweet little story filled with platitudes and metaphors about this life we live but in truth its quite simple.

From my friends and family and the incredible relationships I have had in my life, to the view from my home, my lifestyle, business, success, health and inner strength. My fees are discussed on the coaching page… so go there and if you don’t find what you need call me and I will be happy to discuss it with you. After two years at Delbarton, Bajakian was offered a Graduate Assistant coaching job at Rutgers University.
A teacher at heart, when asked about his favorite moments as a coach, Bajakian doesn’t focus on big wins, he talks about wedding invitations and calls from former players when they first become dads.
He’s coached at every level from high school to the NFL, including coaching a Super Bowl with the Chicago Bears. After three years at Central, Bajakian’s Head Coach resigned, and he was left without a job. But as life coaches have been rumoured to have been used by the likes of Bill Clinton, Jennifer Aniston, Madonna and Kylie Minogue, I wanted to get to the heart of this growing industry and find out a little more about it.
But if you see a life coach, they may have 'qualified' in just a few hours and have less ability to assist you than your next door neighbour or the woman from the Post Office. I have been a student of spiritual and personal growth for nearly 20 years now, well in truth I think we are born in this role… it just takes us some time to realize this is what were here to do, learn, grow and experience life. But I knew my life had to change because finally for me… the pain of staying the same had become greater than the challenges of doing whatever I had to do to regain my power. Update: Following the 2014 season, Bajakian accepted a job as the Quarterback’s Coach with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
To people here, football is a central part of life—a topic of conversation 365 days a year.

COACH LOADThe term 'coaching' arose in 1830 at Oxford University as slang for a tutor who 'carries' a student through an exam There's a lot of jargon. Let me lastly encourage you to take that step… I know you might be in a pit of uncertainty but deep down you know its time to move into the next phase of your life or you probably wouldn’t be here reading this right now. Because of this I feel the calling to give back… so in the spirit of giving and karma I offer coaching at reasonable rates and from my heart.
During that stretch, Tennessee has finished above .500 only twice and has shuffled through four different Head Coaches.
I had a feeling that no matter how bad I, or anyone else, was at coaching, we would still walk out of the door clutching a certificate after the six days.
Unlike some coaches I don’t make my fees a secret and you don’t have to call me and listen to my spill to get the low down. There's an emphasis on the money-making potential of coaching, and much of the course seems to be an exercise in stating the obvious. Women and men who find themselves in a swirl of repetitive patterns in their life that hold them hostage and keep them from the happiness they deserve, and they are often in or recovering from unhealthy or abusive relationships; the two seem to go hand in hand.

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