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Life coaching is a relatively new discipline that draws on psychology, sociology, positive adult development, and other types of counseling. Danavin encourages life coaching as an efficient, cost-effective, and long term solution to what ails you. Coaching is catching on in mainstream and certainly is necessary in an environment where so many individuals are layoffs, financial losses, relationship issues or a general decline in morale.
Our Enrollment Advisors are Certified Professional Coaches and can help you choose the program that will best suit your lifestyle, schedule, and budget.
Get your coaching certification from one of the most recognized coach training institutions in the world.
By regulating standards, skills, and core competencies for coach training, the ICF ensures that life coaches, business coaches and executive coaches are experienced, reliable, professionals, abiding by a strict code of ethics. Your new skills can be meaningfully applied in team coaching, corporate settings, as well as individual, one on one conversation. Life coaches use value assessment, behavior modification, persuasion, suggestion, reassurance, goal-setting, and instruction to help you see yourself and your problems more realistically and cope more effectively. Finding a great coach will often help you help yourself and remind you of the greatness within you.
In The Art and Science of Coaching you will gain a comprehensive set of practical, hands-on skills, and the professional credentials needed to build a thriving business any market niche you desire. With completion of all five Modules of The Art & Science of Coaching, and the Associate Coach Certification requirements, you are well on your way to your Professional Certified Coach designation.
Accredited programs are continuously reviewed and evaluated for excellence in curricula, core competencies, faculty, structure, proficiency, and ethics to support the highest quality coach training. Here are ten things a life coach would help you with, and how you can compensate and get roughly the same benefits.1. You would think that during touch financial times, this would be one of the first costs to cut, but people must gaining enough from coaching to justify the expense.
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Search Deep Within YourselfOne of the main things a life coach will help you do is find out what really drives you, and what you’re really after. The Art and Science of Coaching is a revolutionary life coach training program designed by world renowned Master Trainer Marilyn Atkinson PhD. Examine All Areas of Your LifeWhether you want to get ahead in your career, start a new business, lose weight and get fit, be a better parent, be a better son or daughter or brother or sister, be a better friend, learn to play an instrument, learn a language, travel more, volunteer more, or any other area you can improve in, you’ll want to take a full examination to see where you currently stand.It’s important to address all of these areas in your life because you don’t want to excel in one while faltering in another. Your relationships will affect your performance at work, and your overall health and fitness level permeates into all areas of your life. To really fire on all cylinders and be the best version of yourself possible, it all has to be lined up and running smoothly.3. Give Yourself RewardsA life coach will provide you with encouragement when you’re able to achieve what you set out to achieve. This positive reinforcement builds confidence and allows you to set your sights higher and higher.The best part of doing your own life coaching is that you know the kinds of rewards that will be the most motivational for you. It can be allowing yourself to watch a movie you’ve been wanting to see, but postponed because of all the work you’re doing. Whatever lights you up!Reward Plus the Next Push Don’t just clap yourself on the back, clap yourself on the back and give yourself a nudge forward to your next goal.
Embrace the joy you feel while experiencing your reward and tell yourself that your next reward is going to be even better after you accomplish your next big task.5.
Hold Yourself AccountableOne of the bigger reasons people consider getting a life coach is because they offer objective accountability. In order to be your own life coach you’re going to have to bring that same level of objectivity to your performance and accept nothing but the best for yourself.Facing the facts and accepting that you’re in control of both your success and failures is a way of owning up to the awesome power you have.
If you’ve gotten yourself into a mess you can just as easily right the ship and get back on course.
Getting into the right mindset by taking the role of your own life coach is a big part of the process.No More Excuses Your mind will argue like a lawyer for reasons why you didn’t do something you told yourself you would.
Coming up with excuses can be exhausting, and a life coach wouldn’t have any part of them, so neither should you.6.

Be Honest with YourselfThis may be the hardest thing to do because it involves getting real and now allowing yourself to pull the wool over your own eye any longer.
When you start peeling back the layers of lies you’ve told yourself over the year, and get town to brass tacks with yourself, it can be a bit unsettling.A positive way to look at this is that you’ve likely been holding yourself back, afraid of your true potential. Learn to be honest with yourself in a positive way, and always look at past mistakes as an opportunity for future growth. A life coach would be there to support you even when your family and friends get a bit icy towards you and your new focused and productive habits.If you’re covering your relationships along with your other pursuits, you should begin to see an improvement in those that needed it.
This produces a synergistic effect and will allow you to be more effective in other areas like your career and your health.Your Own Cheering Section Picturing the most cherished people in your life cheering you on to victory can be a big motivator when you’re in the midst of one of your tasks you’ve assigned yourself. It’s nice to be able to coach yourself on, but even better when others are pulling for you.8.
This frees you up to do what it is you’re best at, rather than toiling on tedious things that you don’t find enjoyable or agreeable.These days it’s possible to outsource all types of things, and you may find that a virtual personal assistant costs far less than a life coach, and can help keep you organized and on track.
Get Tough on YourselfOnce you start on the path toward your goal you’re going to eventually come to a road block, or have a temporary setback. This is when you’ll have to be your own drill instructor and drag yourself kicking and screaming toward your goal.As we’ve seen before, you don’t want to take this too far, but you definitely don’t want to let yourself slide either.
If you’ve been considering getting a life coach, chances are you know yourself pretty well and you’ve come to the conclusion that you’ll just keep up the status quo if left to your own devices. To effectively replace a life coach you have to do what they’d do and get on your own case if you need to.Good Cop Bad Cop The good cop will always win, because at your core you know you’re a great person. Goal attaining is a fluid process, not something set in stone that you just blindly follow once you start off on the path.A life coach would help you assess how far you’ve come, and whether it’s still pointing in the direction of your goal. If you’ve been following the 9 steps before this one you’ll definitely have made some sort of progress, and it will be up to you to determine if it’s acceptable or whether you should adjust your sails a bit.Pressure Reduction This step actually reduces the pressure you put on yourself at the beginning of your coaching when you’re coming up with your strategy.

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