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Walking through the office door of Shawn Cichowski, a life and soul coach at Western New York Life Coaching Center, in Williamsville, may be the first step people take toward reconciling their inner self with the changes they seek in life. In making these adjustments, Cichowski relies on her intuition, built upon years of coaching experience.
Even in relationship coaching, Cichowski believes in defining the space between two people’s sense of self, which always begins with self-care. WNY Life Coaching Center is also launching a fusion meditation, Reiki and breath work class.

About Sarah HaykelSarah Haykel, founder of The Sensual Body Movement, is a trained Latin, West African, hip-hop, and breakdancer, life coach, and yoga instructor who has developed her own style of improvisational movement she calls Sensual Body Movement. This thread of self-care runs through every personal and professional goal clients bring to WNY Life Coaching Center. At WNY Life Coaching Center, these modalities include traditional and nontraditional coaching techniques such as Reiki, mediation and the use of essential oils.
People from all walks of life are joining together in innovative, heart-centered ways to address the planet’s deep-rooted problems.

A strong mind-body connection is the key to living a clearer, more empowered, and juicy life, from the inside out!
This meet up is about helping you navigate through life, develop a strong sense of self and help you connect with your inner power and wisdom.

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