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The transition plan is the part of coaching that seems to elude those wary of the profession. As a life coach, I’m not going to tell you to quit the job and go start a landscaping business.
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According to Harvard Business Review, Life and Career Coaching is a $1 billion a year industry. Commence drifting apart and go separate turn your life about is to believe same vibrational. I’m realizing more and more this isn’t the notion of just some who don’t cotton to our line of work, it’s even people who think coaching is kind of cool. Back in 2009, The Chartered Institute of Personnel Development found that 90 percent of organizations utilize coaching in some capacity. But the people who approach life coaches are often the ones emerging from that place and they want help coming out the other side.

CCTV spoke with a life coach in New York about how she maintains a successful practice helping individuals and businesses achieve their personal and organizational goals.
It is a privilege to be along for that ride with clients and any coach worth a damn will tell you that is not just a priceless feeling but a calling that comes with deep responsibility.

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