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We are made up of a team of dynamic, fresh, innovative experts in career coaching, executive coaching, life coaching, leadership and management training, facilitation, as well as personal branding. As Founder of SEVEN, Evelyn thrives on the constant creative challenges and intellectual stimulation, working with such a broad range of professionals and running a successful coaching business brings.
Having completed her diploma in Life Coaching, she used her commerciality and corporate experience to specialise as an expert in Career and Career Change. With a proven track record and a decade of experience of delivering large scale transformational change programmes, (including the unprecedented merger of three London City Councils); she has spent the latter five years developing an agile and provocative framework of interventions that create tangible change for individuals and the organisations they work for. Emma is an Accredited Associate Executive Coach with The Academy of Executive Coaching who works predominately with mid to senior level executives and business owners. A professional and accredited Career Coach with distinction from the Prestigious Coaching Academy, Sabrina’s specialist skills include corporate and executive coaching, personal coaching, advanced coaching skills, as well as a certification in NLP.
She has specialist skills in career change, re-training, time management and public speaking with confidence.

Her approach is informed by the belief that trust, candor, and empathy are the cornerstones of every successful coaching relationship.
Her approach is grounded in the belief that the coach-client relationship is based on truth, trust and compassion.
Through listening and asking powerful questions, and by creating a coaching space that is both safe and courageous, Jennifer helps clients see themselves and their environment more clearly, experiment with new behaviors, and step into a place of growth.Patrice KeittExecutive CoachPatrice is an authentic and insightful teacher and coach whose holistic and practical approach reflects her belief that a successful, satisfying career is as much a product of self-awareness, determination and resiliency as it is of talent and technical skill. Her approach is also informed by her experience as a student of the process for over 25 years, having successfully navigated her own career reinvention.Patrice is passionate about sharing her training and experience to help others fulfill their potential and find their clear path.
To that end, she works with individuals across a wide range of industries, helping them build rewarding, challenging and inspiring careers.
Evelyn discussed how curiosity plays a role in careers and career change and is making it more acceptable and common now. Over 2,000 participants took part and Evelyn was one of 5 global experts. more London School of Business says 55% of Londoners want to change career!

With 47% of employed people within the UK wanting a career change and a whopping 55% of Londoners wanting to change career, the stats confirm what we hear every day, many people are in ill-fitting professions, uncomfortable work environments and dissatisfied with their working lives. Talent are the life blood of growing companies and so often, how companies recruit is so easily overlooked.
0 By Evelyn July 2, 2015 The secret weapon to career success is not talent or work ethic, it’s not even network or connections or education. We used our clients and coaches feedback to bring them to life and show how versatile SEVEN Career Coaching can be.

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