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My name is Marcia Bench, and I am a Master Certified Career Coach and the Founder and Director of the most established career coach training school in the world: Inspired Business Institute (fka Career Coach Institute)!
I will take you by the hand and PERSONALLY walk you through both the mindset and the specific skills of career coaching – including how to structure each session and build your business – that will make working with clients a breeze, without having to be the “expert” in their field or to work hard to have the answers. Over the past 26 years, I have pioneered a formula that enables you to become not just another coach, but a trained specialist in one of the most in-demand, recession-proof specialties there is: career coaching! Given these facts, you can see why career coaches are in such demand – and there is a virtually unlimited market of dissatisfied, displaced and retiring workers. Career coaching is a specific way of working with people – over the phone or, if you prefer, in person – to help them discover what would most fulfill them and creating the path to get there. You might work in a college career center and help students and alumni find the position that is right for them.
The very first qualification to be a career coach is that you have a sincere desire to help others.
Business management skills such as the key elements of a web site, marketing principles, bookkeeping basics for entrepreneurs, sales, finance, business and strategic planning, and the like.
Successful career coaches have gained expertise and adopted habits you will need to cultivate to recreate their success yourself.
Also in this module we’ll give you tools and tips on revealing clients’ KSA’s and cataloging their past experience, using factors 4-5 and companion worksheets, to fill in more of the picture of their Authentic Vocation and next steps. Module 9: Using Social Media in the Job SearchNo job search today is complete without using Linkedin, Facebook, and other social media sites.
BONUS 1: FREE Access to our Worldwide Online Virtual Learning CommunityGet access to our online platform including more than 30 downloadable forms from our Career Coaches’ Toolbox, your quizzes and final exam to complete for certification, assessment tools at wholesale cost, and our online chat area. BONUS 3: Marcia’s Million Dollar Resource List One thing new coaches need is recommended vendors for printing, audio, publishing, teleseminars, shopping cart, publicity, and so much more. This list represents Marcia’s best resources – and their direct contact info so you can use them in building your own business or enterprise too!
We will send you a frameable certificate for your wall, and a logo to use on your web sites and marketing materials. Your certification is valid for 3 years, and is then renewable when you submit 30 hours of Continuing Education Credit. In case you don’t already know me, my name is Marcia Bench and I have been working with career professionals and entrepreneurs since 1986. I have degrees in psychology and law – and practiced law for 4 years before becoming a full-time thought leader. My passion is to help heart-motivated leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals just like you express your unique gifts to ALL of those who need them – and to make it easy in the process! I am also a lifelong learner and coaching student, having explored many personal growth and spiritual programs and studied with some of the best mentors in the business including Ali Brown, David Neagle, Lisa Sasevich, and more.
I understand I’m going to get your full home study course and all course materials for your Career Coach Training where I’ll learn your career coaching models and coaching strategies.
Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our product and its potential. Our staff are happy to answer any question about the training and we'll help you decide if it's right for you. Goal Imagery Institute is a truly holistic learning environment that taps the subconscious power of emotions and imagination to help you achieve your goals faster and easier.
All our workshops, seminars, and training programs unite thinking, feeling, being, and doing — while helping you discover the path you were meant to follow — for your personal growth as well as your professional success. As a colleague, and recipient of her coaching, she has enabled me to bring to the surface thinking and solutions that were stuck deep in my mind and otherwise consumed by “day to day” life. Contact us to request your free copy of Coach Training Schools Comparison Grid and to schedule a free consultation about your coach training objectives with Marianna Lead, MCC, ICF Assessor. We are now offering an affordable marketing package specifically designed to get your new coaching career off to a great start.
Career coaching is a process of building a coherent vision, goals, strategies and career development based on individual meetings.
Career coaching can be one of the stages of talent development program, which supports a consistent and systematic development of talent for the organization. Because he loves and happier, like going to the fitness center, playing with your that will. CLICK HERE to learn more about The Amazing Career Project and how to create your happiest career. Any course utilizing an assessment or exam to assist in the career planning process must meet the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing, which are created in collaboration of the American Educational Research Association (AERA), the American Psychological Association (APA) and the National Council on Measurement in Education (NCME).

Helping Skills –Ability to identify and apply information and advice to meet the career planning needs of clients.
Training Clients and Colleagues–Ability to create appropriate support documents to assist with training of colleagues and clients. Coaching” model - learn it now in just a few hours, and continue to hone and refine your skills for life! I am the author of our industry leading textbook, Career Coaching: An Insider’s Guide and 24 other books, and have personally coached and trained thousands of individuals in their career choice and job search in my 27 years in business. But as the market has changed, webinars and a video are the new preferred means of learning.
I can’t wait to share some of the NEW trends in the industry (including social media) and how they make it even easier for you to make a difference in people’s lives! You would have the freedom to travel, live where you want, and spend more time with your loved ones (and with yourself too). Just keep reading, and we’re going to show you how to learn the skills you need to demystify the coaching landscape, help people find and grow in a job they LOVE, master marketing and client engagement, and more. You can learn the skills and knowledge you need to be a successful career coach in just a few months. Or you might get called into a company to help them increase morale and improve the bottom line with a career development initiative including coaching. Whether you seek to apply coaching within your company or form your own business, it is about helping people realize their dreams – and transcend barriers. You must be able to listen well, build rapport, and observe strengths and obstacles in clients, and be able to communicate in a positive yet firm way. This includes being achievement oriented, able to work independently and be self-directed, and to follow through on your goals – even when it gets challenging! You’ll learn the current state of the profession, key outcomes, definitions, and benchmarks for success. We delve more deeply into level 1 of our 3 levels of coaching, so you can help clients quickly solve problems, resolve dilemmas and make decisions.
We’ll give you specific coaching questions as well as suggestions on taking a courageous, holistic approach to your coaching.
In this module, we help you coach your job seeker client on how to view themselves as a product – and find their uniqueness. In this module we review that in Authentic Vocation factor 6, and then flesh out the 7 key aspects of one’s work environment an area commonly overlooked – so that the job they choose is as fulfilling as possible. We help you discover web sites and other resources that your clients can use to determine their ideal salary and benefits package and calibrate it with today’s market. We introduce you to the idea of Lifetime Career Management in framing your client relationships, and when the time comes that they do want to end their coaching, how to do so with grace, keeping the door open for future needs.
I started out as a lawyer with a part-time consulting business, and moved through positions as an Executive Vice President in a career management firm until I discovered coaching. I have written 25 books and spoken to thousands of groups of all sizes around the world – in person and via webinars and teleclasses. I have a natural gift of synthesizing huge amounts of information into easy-to-follow systems, and helping you do the same as you deliver your message. Face-to-face training must include an opportunity for students to demonstrate satisfactory understanding of helping skills, (rating them an average of 4 or higher on a 5 point scale) based on colleague and instructor feedback. Labor Market Information and Career Related Resources – Ability to source labor market information (LMI) and identify the appropriate career related resources to assist clients. Promotion and Public Relations – Ability to effectively market specific career advising programs to targeted clients. I have grown my coaching businesses (and yes, I have started and grown several) into the mid 6 figures – and we help you grow your business into the size that you want, in addition to teaching you the coaching skills and knowledge you need! You’ll be able to use your natural coaching skills into a profitable business so you can make the difference you long to make. You learn to help by asking coaching questions, providing feedback, helping them stretch beyond what they thought was possible, and keeping them accountable on the path to their goal – including overcoming any barriers that may arise.
A growing niche is to coach people in the Baby Boomer generation to plan work during retirement” – after their full-time career when they do something they enjoy, part-time or on a contract basis. In short, you’ll start seeing the tremendous opportunities within the profession you have chosen, and how it can enhance both your lifestyle and your pocketbook. Then we’ll get into the meat of our career design model – Authentic Vocation – and its first and foundational factor, life purpose.
We also explore factors 2 and 3 of our coaching model, Values as well as Motivators and Interests, and the respective role of each in the career design process.

We also help them organize their search and choose the types of job search techniques best suited to their goals. We’ll help you use the Ladder of Inference and other powerful coaching tools to facilitate this dynamic shift within your client. This week we review power strategies to prepare for and succeed in the job interview, including what types to be prepared for, how to answer typical questions, and how to ask questions as well. I have established and built Inspired Business Institute from half of my spare bedroom in 2001 (!) to a worldwide enterprise generating $400,000 from students in 42 countries in just a few years. And after more than 12 years training students, we know that you absolutely will have all you need to master the skills of career coaching once you complete the training.
The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don’t apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. If you enroll in a coach training program and wish to withdraw for any reason, you must return all materials received and delete any electronic documents from your computer.
Lead speaks with purpose and clarity, with each and every word counting towards navigating the client through their thoughts, which is the ultimate spirit of coaching. Assessment –Ability to demonstrate the difference between formal and informal career development assessments and an understanding of how assessments can aid in the career advising process. Drawing on her Forbes work, research and interviews with global movers and shakers, and her consulting and leadership training with over 10,000 professional women (including Fortune 100 emerging women leaders) around the globe, Kathy’s programs inspire, enliven and educate women on new, effective strategies for achieving their highest potential.
We have developed our proprietary training materials and certification program to set the standard in the industry – and we have certified hundreds of coaches worldwide!
We will then do live Q&A and role plays to help you apply what you learn – and over this short few weeks, you’ll not only learn coaching skills, but you’ll actually become a coach. I have literally made millions of dollars using what I’ll be sharing with you – and you can too!
You might even help someone decide whether to leave a corporate position to become an entrepreneur – or return to the corporate world after a sabbatical or family leave break in their career. Also in this module we give you a comprehensive knowledge of what makes a powerful resume, when to use what type of resume, how to help a client shift perspective when they feel stuck and to overcome difficult emotions such as anger or fear. Linkedin can be a high-impact tool for interview preparation – and we show you how to guide your clients in using it.
In this audio program, seasoned coach and entrepreneur Marcia Bench will share with you what life purpose is, why it is important, and the 10 Clues to Discovering Your Life Purpose.
Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. Refunds may only be made (1) within the first 30 days after enrollment and purchase, (2) upon written request for refund delivered by mail or email to our office address, and (3) provided the training materials and any other products returned are in resellable condition when returned.
Her questions are pivotal, and she has found a way to translate this talent into an outstanding class modality. As an experienced coach and OD practitioner I would put both my personal and professional reputation behind this class. Diverse Populations –Ability to match career advising programs or services to meet the identified needs of specific client groups. Based on her work with over 10,000 women in 10 years, and drawing on her corporate experience, years as a therapist, her training in energy healing, spiritual development, entrepreneurial and business growth, and in her work as a top writer and media source on women’s careers, Kathy offers a very special training like no other on the market.
Or you might combine your coaching with other related activities such as training, speaking, writing, recruiting, counseling, and creating and selling information products (books, audios, etc.) that help your clients.
Career coaches work with people throughout the life spectrum, from the first job in high school or college to career transitions during the primary working years, to retirement and beyond. In this module you are introduced to the model (which incorporates all of the International Coach Federation competencies), as well as learn how to prepare for each coaching session. 2 CD’s of Coaching Demonstrations of each of the 8 parts of our career design model as well as 4 other coaching situations. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money. Career Development Models – Understands career development theories, how they differ, and how the models can be applied to career advising services.
We’ll explore the three core coaching competencies you use in every session in more depth, and help you structure your welcome packet and intake process to create long-term client engagement – using our Career Coaching Toolbox forms to save you time and money! I personally invite you to join the thousands of coaches worldwide who have begun this journey…and let it transform your life too!

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