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Learn the difference between managing and leading and then begin gravitating toward a more direct leadership style and away from a management-based style. Click here to see all 14 SkillsPowerful leadership (ppt) PowerPoint training modules delivered in 4-7 minutes. Put hot buttons like these on your Web site and you will have your own night and day Risk Reduction Training Center! Your supervisors access training anytime and from anywhere by simply going to your website with this option.
Or you can buy any of these skills separately.Take a look at one of the new supervisor training courses here.
Awesome!Like I said, these skills are great for new supervisors, training new HR managers, and helping you become a better internal consultant.

You will advance the learning curve for your supervisors by light years, and you may head off at the pass a costly employment claim.Promote these modules internally to bring supervisors to your Web site.
You may also purchase Flash Video, PPT, DVD, or acquire a Web Course you own, upload to your website, and control.
After taking tons of notes and watching the same mistakes supervisors make over and over, I produced 14 new supervisory training PowerPoint modules on topics that help companies address the issues with untrained supervisors.
That will make a the right impression internally.If you had to create or produce these training modules yourself, they would cost you at least $1000 each.
This is precisely what you have been looking for: education for your leadership on the vital skills and topics they need so badly.
You will quickly have the supervisor training you always wanted, but couldn't find -- right on your Web site.Watch these short, supervisor training modules reduce risk and help prevent missteps in supervision practices.

Otherwise they are $97 purchased individually.Again, each Flash video module (or other format) is only $71 when purchased as a full set of 14 in any format!
And they have sound! "By the way, Dan, I love the vital skills supervisor training course we purchased. Remember, if you purchase ten modules, you get them all 14. Use the form link above or phone me--Daniel Feerst, Publisher, at 1-800-626-4327.

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