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They also provide Project Management Training Courses specifically for the Middle East region. Many people are in management and leadership positions without being given the know-how on people management and how to lead. BMC Training provides Management and Leadership training courses in London , Kuala Lumpur , Istanbul and Dubai. Advanced management leadership programme - advanced, Discover the advanced management and leadership programme, a modular programme on leadership, finance and strategy to develop your career..

UOWD’s Certificates of Proficiency (CoPs) are academic-based short courses which are generally equal to a postgraduate program module. This portfolio of courses addresses the leadership and management skills needs for varying levels of experience, from people new to management though to experienced leaders that would benefit from developing further.
Advanced leadership skills and - management concepts - Training course for management and individuals wanting to advance their thinking, behavior, and actions to prepare for new leadership challenges. The courses are 13 to 15 weeks in duration and successful students are awarded an official academic transcript, as well as a CoP in the relevant subject.

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