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As Steve Jobs was to Apple, and Jack Welch to GE, great CEOs are known for more than their management skills.
In Verne Harnish’s book Scaling Up, about Mastering the Rockefeller Habits, he identifies that good managers (without leadership) discover what is different about people and capitalize on it. Whether you actually took the leadership mini-quiz or not, the idea was to explore this important issue, and it’s possible impact on your cubicle career.

By understanding the differences between them, you will learn the importance of leadership in management and how leadership development will allow you to be a better manager overall. Leadership, however, is a responsibility that managers have to innovate, challenge and inspire their employees. By understanding how leadership plays into the four business decisions you make as an executive (strategy, execution, people and cash), you’ll have a clear grasp the role you need to take in your organization through both management and leadership.

Yet, and in order for you to attain the level of cooperation and motivation from your subordinates (team members) necessary to meet the objective, you’ll need to show a variety of leadership qualities.

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