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According to Pam, their organization invites Amway Learning Center to do training at some of the big LTD events, LTD Leaders Joe Markiewicz and Doug Weir have co-developed several training courses with the Learning Center, and Pam “had the pleasure” of co-presenting a nationwide ARTISTRY® webcast with an Amway trainer using materials produced by Amway. LTD puts on four weekend events per year, two of them involve the entire LTD team, while the other two are more regionalized. Pam and Larry frequently recommend Amway Learning Center’s online courses, especially to new IBOs. Amway IBOs affiliated with the LTD organization are located across the country, so connecting through the use of technology has grown in importance.
LTD feels the partnership they’ve built with Amway Learning Center over the last few years has provided a sense of security and inspired trust in IBOs in their organization. They were highly successful network marketers in the Amway business under the Bill Britt support system at first. They are a legitimate support system that trains and mentors new Amway reps on how to sell products and recruit new distributors into the company. So if you have found yourself on this web page I am assuming that you were on Google searching for some information about the Amway training system or “business opportunity” known as Leadership Team Development or abbreviated as “LTD”.
Leadership Team Development is currently operating their business from corporate offices located in Raleigh, North Carolina.
Leadership Team Development is known for offering several services for members such as help with planning, marketing and execution of several hundred weekly business seminars, as well as four major conferences.

Almost each and everyday there is a local LTD opportunity meeting where somebody in the LTD team making over $50k per year in the business presents the plan. The Leadership Team Development team also holds four yearly conferences where they fill up amphitheaters or stadiums with 10-15 thousand of their business owners flying in from all across the country to hear motivational speeches, leadership lectures, and watch new LTD millionaires walk across the stage and be promoted to the next income level called Diamond.
Brig Hart, a former Double Diamond in Amway, who is now the top income earner in Mona Vie and in the network marketing industry as a whole, is a legend within the networking industry and it is with no surprise to me that his down line jumped ship as soon as he announced to be linking arms with Mona Vie a few years after retiring from the Amway business.
Hart and his Amway team were responsible for over $5.5 Billion dollars in total sales over the span of his time in Amway.
I have heard that “million dollar deals” were cut with former Amway Diamonds such as Brig Hart, and Orrin Woodward, to leave Amway and bring most of their down lines with them over to Mona Vie. Friday evenings are devoted specifically to training, with Larry providing leadership training to Platinums and above while other IBOs participate in training presented by Amway staff.
I feel this is one of the Best investments Amway ever did to bridge the gap from them to us.
In this Empower Network review, I will tell you more about their products and management team. Of course they are going to tell you have the highest ORAC score, most acai berries in their juice… but if an independent lab and team of scientists is telling me that Brand A has more nutritional value then Brand B, I am going to take their word over you, your companies HIRED team of scientists.
I personally have third party teams and other network marketers over at the MLM Times do the research for me so I can analyze the compensation plan, as well as the product market and see if it is big enough to build a billion dollar company and then I make an informed decision as to which company I join and endorse.

After Larry and Pam saw the success that Bill Britt was having with his BWW support system for the people in his Amway downline, they broke away from the BWW team and started their own support system for the tens of thousands of Amway IBOs in their team. He wrote on his personal blog that instead of worrying about quick cash provided via affiliate commissions, he wanted to put 100% of his efforts and focus onto his Numis Network team and continue to build his residual income. It is taking broke, uninspired people to finally making their first commission online and inspired enough to go teach others how to do the same. Pam refers to this webcast as “one of the best things we ever did!” In the last year, LTD has also implemented an App for mobile devices that allows them to send out messages to the entire team more efficiently.
I know you trust your up line and business partners and you want to believe everything they, or the corporate team of your company says.
By offering Amway training at our events, we’re helping IBOs understand how important the partnership is between LTD and Amway.

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