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If we have to the year 2010 to find and support both existing and new industries and small businesses, it will require a huge effort from the community leaders in the various organizations who promote or facilitate economic development in the city to put sectional and factional interests out of the equation, to plan a course for the survival of Whyalla. The future is now for those organizations promoting or facilitating economic development and the business and commerce sector with their managers or leaders to face the challenges as Whyalla competes in the global economic environment. Vision is identified as an essential ingredient of effective leadership (Schermerhorn, 1993). Whyalla Economic Development Board understand that the only rational solution is to learn more about what creates successful change and pass that knowledge onto the local community via seminars, forums and training sessions to all members of the community who are interested in expanding economic development initiatives.
The Whyalla Economic Development Board need to convince and inspire our leaders of the Whyalla Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as our small and medium sized industries and businesses that transforming themselves into innovate enterprises is a vital step for sustained export growth leading to creating employment opportunities in the community.
Whyalla working through the Whyalla Economic Development Board needs a Leadership Development Plan which will provide our future business, industry and community leaders with a program which emphasizes the critical importance of a change, creativity, innovation, people skills, motivation and enterprise.
To gauge the success of the Leadership Development Program the Whyalla Economic Development Board with our community leaders have to provide a framework which supports the development of the Whyalla future manager to achieve leadership skills. In closing, Whyalla needs leadership programs which stress the critical importance of change, creativity, innovation, people skills, motivation and enterprise.
For the establishment of Whyalla as Resource Processing Hub it will require a total commitment by all parties, especially small business and community input with visionary leadership and the involvement of all to ensure the success of the proposed strategy.
Leadership, the process of inspiring others to work hard to accomplish important tasks (Schermerhorn, 1993). When all the major players in the local community have a sensible shared vision on economic development realize it plays a key role in producing useful change by helping to direct, align and inspire actions on the rest of the community.

Then it requires a bipartisan approach made up of political leaders, industry, business and community organizations to address the formulation of an agenda in an Economic Development Forum.
Whyalla Economic Development Board be seen actively adopting quality best practice management practices by experimentation programs in the local community. The future can only be successful through the leadership of people from business, industry, universities, all tiers of government and community which will participate in creating our future, championing it, once it is developed and importantly pursued its implementation. Kotter (1990), From A Force For Change: How Leadership Differs From Management, The Free Press.
Knowing what leadership is really about is the vexing problem, as well as getting people to follow you in Whyalla.
Major change in Whyalla is usually impossible unless the three major players facilitating economic development have adopted or adapted a SHARED VISION which has been generated through the local community and they own it.
Whyalla Economic Development Board must provide an environment for local firms and organizations to experiment and learn about establishing linkages for innovation.
Whyalla Economic Development Board to encourage business and industry, including community leaders to seek continuous improvement in leadership management development training through its links to government.
Leadership appears to be the art of getting others to want to do something that you are convinced should be done. Creating better performance through customer-and productivity-oriented behavior, more and better leadership, and more effective management.
Once the agenda is set by the Economic Development Forum, government needs to systematically identify barriers to change and act quickly with the Whyalla Economic Development Board to remove them.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Whyalla City Council and Whyalla Economic Development Board working together have to create the climate to get people out of their comfort zones. Whyalla Economic Development Board monitoring this change process need to inform the business, industry or corporate body that will be implementing the multiple steps and possibly multiple projects, the end result is often complicated, untidy, dynamic, and frightening to those managers, directors and individuals.
It is important for the Whyalla Economic Development Board to distinguish between management and leadership.
Kotter (1996), leadership is a set of processes that creates organizations in the first place or adapts them to significantly changing circumstances. When examining Figure 2 it highlights that successful transformation is 70 to 90 per cent leadership and only 10 to 30 per cent management.
It will require a lot of time and energy to ensure a return on investment by the Whyalla Economic Development Board communicating a new sense of direction to the local community.
Whyalla Economic Development Board leading by example will not be able to declare victory too soon but think in the terms of the celebrating short term gains but ensuring the long term objectives are met. The time is now for the Whyalla Economic Development Board to start the change process inside the local business, industry and corporate bodies in Whyalla, as it would become less of a problem if the business environment would soon slow down and stabilize.

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