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In this case, a student must have credit for COMM 313-3, COMM 210-3, and COMM 100-3 before being eligible to enrol in COMM 314-3.Course OfferingsNot all courses are offered every year. Check online Course Listings for a list of the courses being offered in each semester.Course DescriptionsThe following explanation will help clarify the terms found in the course descriptions. Understand the crucial role that leadership plays in achieving better organizational performance and how best to use that role. You will learn innovative techniques for making astute decisions, translating strategy, assessing risk, managing change, and applying a personal framework to increase your leadership effectiveness.

Emphasis on exploring the nature of leadership in diverse human contexts through civic and community engagement. Introduction to the study of leadership as a personal and social phenomenon from a multidisciplinary perspective, with a focus on the development of practical leadership skills and behaviors. Students participate in a fieldwork practicum or internship with a substantial leadership component, while examining and reflecting upon their leadership skills and knowledge in an applied setting. Substitutions may only be used to satisfy this requirement by obtaining PRIOR written approval from the Leadership Studies Advisor.

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