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Auerbach is the author of the classic coaching book, Personal and Executive Coaching, as well as, Seeing the Light: What Organizations Need to Know - The State of the Coaching Industry Report, and the editor of Building Competence in Personal and Executive Coaching. Auerbach is particularly passionate about the power of coaching, emotional intelligence and positive psychology to uplift humanity. Work through a business development program that is included in your tuition, to help you get your coaching practice soaring even before graduation!
Auerbach is available for keynote presentation on executive coaching, emotional intelligence, well-being, peak performance and creating a high performing coaching culture. He has served on the ICF Governance Workgroup, and also served on the Editorial Board of Coaching: International Journal of Theory, Research and Practice.
The highly participatory program requires you to be “fully present” in both body and mind to complete all classroom-based activities, practice coaching sessions, individual and team conference calls, and independent reading delivered over five months. Kaveh Naficy is a Founding Partner and Coaching Practice Lead at Philosophy IB, a Florham Park-based management consulting firm.
Christopher Brookfield, a former entrepreneur and CEO, is Principal and Coaching Leader at Philosophy IB. This International Certification program has been specially designed for leaders, managers, general managers and executives who want to improve their leadership and people management skills to achieve new and better results.

Past non-profit, government and corporate coaching clients include Mayo Clinic, US Air Force, MCI, Tri-Counties Regional Center, Pfizer, Los Angeles Retirement System, SAGE, CenturyLink, Allergan and Wells Fargo. Sandra Foster from Stanford, is Positive Psychology and Coaching: Applying Science to Executive and Personal Coaching. You’ll apply coaching skills and strategies, including a review of assessment tools, to hold clients accountable for their progress and to achieve their performance goals.
The Leadership Coaching Program is an internationally certified training taught by PCA, to persons or companies wishing to realize and demonstrate a new level of leadership in their professional work. The Executive Coaching specialization program has been specially created by a select group of professionals from different countries, which have contributed to a learning experience and growth of high impact.
HOURS OF COACHING: Please provide the name of the coachee, their email address, coaching dates, and the total number of coaching hours.
Experience the process of coaching from a client’s perspective, as each coach trainee is a client throughout the program so that you can genuinely walk-the talk.
He designs and delivers executive coaching programs, wellness coaching programs, internal coaching programs to build a coaching culture, and emotionally intelligent leadership programs globally. Coaching for Leaders allows you to stop being a simple boss and become a true leader to lead the way teams require and obtain the high performance results of an efficient and effective management.

You’ll discover how to be fully present, how to build trust, and how to establish authenticity with business coaching clients.
Although based in California, he has worked with clients in Canada, Mexico, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, India, Singapore and Korea.
Over the course of five months, students progress through five learning modules that include: classroom-based learning, practice coaching sessions with an experienced coach, teleconferences, independent reading and a comprehensive final exam that evaluates a student’s coaching competency. He added that the leadership coaching skills developed through the Rutgers program can be applied within a broad range of business, educational, nonprofit and government organizations.“Rutgers maintains a strong focus on business and organization performance in the Leadership Coaching program,” Novak said.
HOURS OF PERSONAL COACHING: Please provide the name of your coach, their email address, coaching dates, and the total number of hours coached.

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