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The ‘Law of Attraction and Love Relationships’ visualisation has been designed to assist you in bringing forth the ideal relationship that you want. Follow the Law of Attraction Centre on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest. THE POWER OF FEELING GOOD: PUTTING THE LAW OF ATTRACTION INTO EVERYDAY PRACTICE, MICHAEL JAMESCreating your own reality can be a lot easier than people sometimes think it is. Love is intrinsically human and exists in almost every aspect of human life whether it is acknowledged or not.
Attraction is what enables you fulfill the desires of your heart; it could be money, happiness, success or love as in our case.
By appreciating your partner for what the simple good things they have done or made you feel is a great way to get you two closer and even deeper in love.

If both of you are grateful about each other, you both are building your love and hence create a relationship that is solid and full of understanding. But not to worry, be it you want to find love, maintain love in a current relationship or simply want to enjoy the feeling of being loved, understanding the law of attraction and love is your guide. Love cannot be underestimated as it is significant in our general happiness and well being.
For romantic relationships, gratitude helps achieve greater love by looking away from the negativity in your partner and instead focusing on the positive. This could start by the love you have for yourself, your family, friends and just about every one that shows some kind of affection towards you. This powerful e-book by leading Law of Attraction teacher, Michael James, shows you how to apply the Law of Attraction to attract what you want and to feel more joy.

Let yourself sail away in love with joy and laughter, if in the end you start to drown, kick really hard till you get to the shore, pick the pieces of what is left and live on. But even so, there exists a negative energy surrounding love and it is probably why so many people are finding it hard to build strong relationships. By shutting down the cycle of negativity, you are able to let go of past failures and mistakes in love and that you are able to focus on building and working on new and existing ones.

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