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E-Squared offers a practical, straightforward approach to law of attraction and harnessing Universal energy. Although very interesting, I discovered that I have fortunately been using the Law of Attraction since I could remember ever wanting anything. I vaguely remember when Stephen Hawking’s first version of this book came out, but I do remember reading it.
This book contains a Brian Tracy’s own story, which is quite inspirational to begin with, and from that point on it contains practical and straight forward chapters. I described The Secret and how it had ended by challenging me to test The Law of Attraction for myself.
I have not picked up The Key to Living The Law of Attraction since I first read it and that must have been 3 or 4 years ago. To access your own copy of The Secret Law Of Attraction, you need to go to this page below.

From beginners to Law of Attraction experts, the practical exercises in this book will help everyone refine their manifesting abilities. So if you are looking for a book about science, DO NOT READ THIS BOOK, it will be a waste of your time.
Even with science not being my most knowledgeable subject, the book was profoundly easy to understand and intuitively concise. See, Brian Tracy is into business and management and that clearly shows throughout the book: He just wants to get shit done and he gives you the way to do it.
He laughed at me, like people do when you talk about The Law of Attraction, and gave me Andrew’s number. I love how the book is structured, chronologically; it is riveting to see our concept of God and the universe changed over time. This book also contains most of his 21 principles from Eat That Frog, which is also extremely useable in real life.

The Law of Attraction helps you learn how to receive & believe you can change your life to attract what you want. When I wrote Lean Thinking I also talked about the way that people move through author’s book collections because they like what they read and want to read more. A few things I had a problem digesting were affirmations and the principles behind The Law of Attraction.
Canfield has an extensive book collection but there is one particular book (and more importantly a film) that has made it onto my list of top ten most influential books. I have never been a spiritual or religious man, and for some reason I coupled the philosophy of the Law of Attraction with these two spheres of influence.

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