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The Law of Attraction Centre’s pioneering, intuitive and practical approach to coaching works with you in building your life toward what is truly important to you.
So, in the end, you really don’t need to leap down the quantum physics rabbit hole and buy into the existence of some Law of Attraction.
Thank You for anothewr great post.In keeping with your post there is one more law which is a proven scientific law. I read the Law of Attraction by the Hicks and thought the general idea was positive, but it was pretty hokey. The Law of Attraction is just a movie with a concept that made (for) its authors some millions in addition to the millions they had already made from the books and audios that they published with similar ideas.

Come check out our Law of Attraction Class built to teach you the theory, understandings, practices, and fun take home exercises of using the law of attraction to create a better life.
As JA said, there is NO LAW, it’s a hypothesis or a theory, and should be tretaed as such. Hours sleeping or getting idle this is why the Law with the Law Of Attraction can be effortless. Follow the Law of Attraction Centre on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest.
Since what most people believe and what they believe they believe is different, I have never really been upset by the Law of Attraction.

You display the skills of a critical thinker in dissecting the LOA (not surprising, seeing as you were a lawyer). It seems a lot of people have been waiting for someone to offer up a platform to explore the law of attraction in a bit more of an objective way.

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