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PS – If you want a really cool tool to add in to your small changes this week, why not try one of my awesome affirmations. An affirmation is a simple statement, said in the present tense, that affirms positively a fact or situation that is desirable in your life.
Every time she posted positive affirmations around the house, or repeated them endlessly, she felt more and more of a failure, as she measured the disparity between her current situation and where the affirmations told her she could be. Mostly to pinpoint the causes of marriage affirmations of attraction law symptoms and how to repair them choice approaches and applying her attraction.

I think that some of this Positive-Thinking Law-of-Attraction stuff is getting dangerously out of hand! I’m so well known for this affirmation now among my family and friends that they expect this miracle to roll out for me too! But I dedicatedly repeated my affirmation whenever I thought about it – which was often seeing it made me laugh so much, and seeing I was going through a pretty rotten time financially back then.
Affirmations are a known powerful tool for change, and are used by many people for creating positive shift and personal growth.

I have plenty of others that I use now too, but my first ever affirmation is still my favourite.

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