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Limiting habits, beliefs, and old thought patterns are a big reason why people push love away, and just everyone can turn them off in an instant because it is what you are used to, and because the momentum is going full speed ahead… in the wrong direction.
Take a few minutes and ground yourself, then work on some law of attraction love affirmations. The thing about affirmations is if you are saying them, but not really feeling them, the universe will read your vibrations, not the words you are saying. If you are using law of attraction affirmations you will need to raise your vibration first to a positive side of the scale. The universe is conspiring to shower me with the love I want and have already got lined up.

When you feel good, milk the feeling and practice retraining your thought to one of love and you will attract the love you want.
If you are tired of fighting yourself and not letting love in, get the EPIC Love Toolkit and Newsletter that will help you attract love. DRI Girl CodeSTOP BEING A DOORMATIf you've ever felt confused, depressed, afraid, neglected, used or walked on in any relationship, you can learn the secrets to love yourself and get the LOVE YOU WANT. After you do the raising your vibration part (with meditation or exercise or taking a bath), you can then do your affirmations.
There are 3 easy steps to get into your heart and away from your mind that will help you get the love you want.

You will receive Dina’s free eBook “Stop Pushing Men Away & Get the EPIC Love You Want,” and her favorite heart opening meditation that will help you love yourself and learn what it feels like to be lovable and totally loved.
When you do this you will learn to step outside of the mind chatter and restructure your thought patterns from one of fear to one of love. So go here to sign up for the EPIC Love Newsletter and get a free heart-centering meditation.

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