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This supplemental training module is designed for Scout leaders and parents who want to understand the youth leadership training continuum. This training is for all Boy Scout leaders, committee members, unit commissioners, and parents. Describe the relationship between all three elements of the youth leadership training continuum. Assist youth in achieving the level of training and practical experience that they need to be effective leaders.
The vision of the Boy Scouts of America is to be the nation's foremost youth program of character development and values-based leadership training. The youth leadership training continuum (YLTC) plays a vital role in accomplishing this vision. The youth leader training courses are built around the slogan Be-Know-Do, which serves as the building blocks for all three courses. NYLT Leadership Academy | The premier leadership training for Scouting NYLT youth staff. It is the mission of the NYLT Leadership Academy to provide each council with the opportunity to participate in an effective, world class youth leadership training program.
National Youth Leadership Training is an exciting, action-packed program designed by the Boy Scouts of America for councils to use in providing youth members with leadership skills and a training experience they can use in their home units and in other situations demanding leadership of self and others.
NYLT integrates the best of modern leadership theory with the traditional strengths of the Scouting experience. It addresses the content of the three levels of the youth leadership training continuum, what the boys learn from each, and how adults can help ensure that youths have every opportunity to become truly great leaders. Reminders of what they were taught are well-captured in the memory tips card, which lists the toolbox of leadership skills. Adults should get feedback from the youths who attend the training about their experience and have the youths explain how they can best use their new skills, including an explanation of the leadership tools. Interconnecting concepts and work processes are introduced early, built upon, and aided by the use of memory aids, which allows participants to quickly understand and employ the leadership skills. Through activities, presentations, challenges, discussions, and audio-visual support, NYLT participants will be engaged in a unified approach to leadership that will give them the skill and confidence to lead well. The YLTC course material is drawn from the best of the best of leadership courses offered in a wide variety of settings, including those taught to corporate executives. The skills come alive during the conference as the teams go on a Quest for the Meaning of Servant Leadership.

It is beneficial to read this module to understand the interrelated nature of all three courses and to more fully absorb the explanation of the leadership skills contained within each course. The youth who master the leadership skills offered in the BSA courses will have a great advantage that will give them a lifelong ability for success in Scouting, in their careers, in their churches, and in their personal and family lives.
Youth members are taught to strive to be servant leaders—a term that encompasses the concept of others-first leadership. The Scoutmaster and senior patrol leader will conduct this three-hour training whenever there are new Scouts or there has been a shift in leadership positions within the patrol or the troop.The second course is the council-level, weeklong National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) and is often held at a council camp.
This course is an in-depth training covering a wide variety of leadership ideas and skills. It simulates a month in the life of a troop and uses fun and hands-on learning sessions to teach the concepts in the toolbox of leadership skills. The Scouts hone their understanding of service-based leadership as they undertake a patrol quest for the meaning of leadership.The National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE) is an exciting new program that helps young men enhance their leadership skills in the Philmont backcountry.
NAYLE uses elements of Philmont Ranger training as well as advanced search-and-rescue skills to teach leadership, teamwork, and the lessons of selfless service.
ALL Boy Scout troops should conduct the TLT course with every leadership shift—whether it is when the youth get a new troop position or a patrol leadership role, or even when they welcome a new patrol member. Introduction to Troop Leadership—This is conducted within a week of a Scout assuming a new leadership role and focuses on what a new leader must know. They may be assisted by assistant Scoutmasters or NYLT-trained Scouts.This module begins to use leadership tools such as Creating a Vision of Success, the Teaching EDGE(TM) model, and the Start, Stop, Continue method of assessing progress. Consistent Leadership ModelingThe adults and staff of the NYLT courses are wonderful role models who continuously set the example using the NYLT skills for the participants. These tools are summarized below in the section describing the NYLT course.The Scoutmaster and senior patrol leader begin by describing their own vision of success, which they have written before the training session to ensure that the two visions are aligned and that each paints a vivid picture of future success for the troop. They work hard to ensure that they use effective communication skills, model EDGE(TM) throughout the course, share their own visions with the troop, and demonstrate servant leadership throughout the week. The Scouts come away from their NYLT experience with exposure to the best of the best of leadership techniques. He has lived the patrol method and has spent the week thinking about his own quest for the meaning of leadership. He needs to share his challenge with the troop's leaders upon his return from training and enlist their aid in evaluating his effort. This leads into a discussion of servant leadership, or others-first leadership, with the group.The Scouts learn to create a vision of success for the troop as well as to define goals for how to get there.

At the end of Troop Leadership Training, all of the troop leaders will understand what is expected from them in their new leadership position. They will better understand the roles of each member of the leadership team (at the patrol and troop levels) and will learn to work toward a common vision of future success.
Any help you can give to your council in helping to ensure proper staffing for the course will pay you back tenfold.Conducting a National Youth Leadership Training course takes a great deal of planning, plenty of inspiration, and the enthusiastic participation of many dedicated people. This is complemented by learning the history and inspiration of the Philmont Scout Ranch as well as a personal journal that focuses on the Scout's leadership skills.Philmont leadership is committed to making NAYLE a very special experience.
As a troop leader, continue coaching and mentoring, using the tools of SSC and EDGE(TM) to hone the Scout's leadership abilities. The Scouts live in a patrol setting at Rocky Mountain Scout Camp where they use their leadership skills to resolve exciting and challenging backcountry situations. Scouts learn a number of leadership skills and concepts summarized on the memory tips card. The youth learn about the stages of team development and how to match the most appropriate leadership style with the developmental stage of the individual or team. The course has many challenges for the youths, including its culmination where they undergo a quest for the meaning of leadership, which they then present to the entire NYLT troop.The NYLT course has Eight Key Elements1.
The adult training converted to more modern leadership techniques and skills in 2001, with the rollout of the Wood Badge for the 21st Century course.
In 2004, NYLT followed suit, completely revamping its tone to encompass the newer "shared leadership" model that is proving to be so effective in team development and accomplishing visions, goals, and plans. They use the patrol method throughout the course and rotate leadership positions so that each can experience different roles. In 2006, the circle was complete and now Wood Badge is fully aligned with the youth training, the Scoutmaster Handbook, and the Boy Scout Handbook.Training Summary and ConclusionThe youth leadership training continuum provides the ultimate in leadership training for our boys, on a par with materials presented to corporate board members. While we have expectations of the Scouts who attend training, we need the support of the adults in these Scouts' lives to get feedback about their experience and have the Scouts explain how they can best use their new skills. Each patrol works on the quest for the meaning of leadership and, at the end of the course, presents their understanding of this and other concepts they have learned throughout the week as a skit, song, or something they build—the possibilities are endless.2.

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