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12Stone’s initiatives include leadership training and coaching, a two-year residency program, and biblical education courses in partnership with churches, Indiana Wesleyan University, Wesley Seminary, and The Wesleyan Church. A Residency ProgramFollowing the teaching hospital model, this two-year, post college program provides emerging pastors with real-time, real-life ministry training and experience at local campuses and partner churches. Continuing EducationIn partnership with Wesley Seminary at Indiana Wesleyan University, and the Wesleyan Church, anyone who wants to deepen his or her biblical knowledge and spiritual leadership may do so through college classes taught by world- class professors. With generous support from the Wesleyan Investment Foundation and the Williams Family Foundation, 12Stone invited John to accept the gift of this leadership center.

Maxwell Leadership Center at 12Stone® Church is the headquarters for EQUIP®, the international leadership development organization that John Maxwell founded, and is where he will produce his digital leadership library. Dan Reiland, 12Stone will offer relevant leadership development opportunities for local church pastors and their staffs in groups, roundtables, and small conference.
Maxwell Leadership Center at 12Stone Church honors the life and impact of John’s global and generational leadership legacy. So God’s providence in John mentoring Senior Pastor Kevin Myers and connection to the Wesleyan Church made this a supernatural partnership.

Unbeknownst to 12Stone, many years ago God had put a vision upon John Maxwell for such a center.

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