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Everyone dreams of winning the lottery, dramatically resigning from your job and embarking on a life of luxury and adventure. As the National Lottery's 2,000th draw takes place, we look at how it all went wrong for five winners. The couple invested in property and a beauty salon but the housing crash saw the value of their portfolio plummet. By 2013 the money had gone and the couple had split up, each blaming each other for the reversal in their fortunes.
SNAI ahead of the times with AppleWatch launch ‘Game to Watch’ competition is back - and now a two-player game! Camelot said that growth in mobile and new game options helped it to record payout figures in the first half of the year. Camelot awarded a record ?2.01bn in prize money – taking the total awarded to players to date to over ?57bn.

It said mobile sales surged by 72 per cent, helped by the launch of Barclays Pingit, the first mobile payment option that can be used by National Lottery players. Camelot UK Lotteries chief executive Andy Duncan said: "Thanks to very strong growth across our mobile channel and in our GameStore category, we've made an extremely positive start to the financial year. Camelot has been criticised by many after major changes to its main Lotto draw earlier this month, with the number of balls used increased from 49 to 59 and smaller jackpot prizes.
Despite it seeming an almost impossible task, there are a handful of National Lottery winners who have won millions and have blown the lot with little or nothing to show for it. A part-time binman at the time, Carroll initially claimed he wouldn’t spend his money lavishly. He also racked up an impressive charge sheet along the way including an Asbo for terrorising his neighbours and spells in jail for both affray and failing to comply with a drug treatment order. She met the father of her two eldest children and estimates she spent £250,000 on cocaine during their relationship.

The club later went into administration and, as McGuinness had used his wealth to guarantee the club’s loans, he was liable for its debts.
Camelot said sales were also boosted by a 15 per cent year-on-year hike across the National Lottery’s GameStore range of online and in-store instant play games. Republication or redistribution of content of this website, including framing or similar means is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of Clarion Events Limited.

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