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Listening GamesIn any relationship, listening to the other person's concerns is as important as communicating one's own ideas. Communication GamesSmall-business managers must communicate their needs in an effective and concise manner.
Interpersonal skills are the skills that facilitate communication and interaction with other people. The phrase “interpersonal skills” is quite often used in a business context to refer to a person’s ability to work within a business environment through social interactions and communications. Interpersonal skills trainers work with groups of people and teach them to apply interpersonal skills to build better workplace relationships and improve communication. There are training sessions developed for managers and non-management personnel, and there are training sessions developed for managers and non-management personnel to participate in together. There are a number of skills programs available that are self study in nature and allow a group of people to spend time, periodically, to improve their interpersonal skills. The training sessions are games and exercises designed to engage one another in conversation and listening.
An example of a game to help improve creative and spontaneous thinking involves creating a story while each person builds on the story told by the person before them. The game begins by placing the same number of objects in a box to correspond to the number of participants in the group.
Games make learning and improving interpersonal skills more enjoyable and thought provoking. Keeping skills up to date and fine tuned will increase productivity and remove barriers when working as a team.

Interpersonal skills include how we communicate with others, our confidence and our ability to listen and understand. Companies seek out individuals with strong interpersonal skills because it demonstrates an ability to facilitate communication and interaction with their co-workers. Training GamesManagers develop good interpersonal skills over a lifetime but are also able to sharpen them through the use of games and exercises. Breaking the Ice GamesThe instructor frequently begins with an introductory ice breaker game that gets the group warmed up. Creative Thinking GamesCreativity thinking games are used to help develop a manager’s creativity and ability to think on their feet.
Role Playing GamesOne of the most widely used games in teaching interpersonal skills involves the use of role playing scenarios to encourage participants to practice real life situations in a low pressure environment.
The necessary skills are essential to promote teamwork and build a collaborative effort, with the main objective being improved productivity. It allows participants to develop skills to improve their ability to work as part of a group and with others on an individual basis.
The games make learning and improving interpersonal skills more enjoyable and thought provoking. This game gets everyone in the practice of engaging each other and eliminates any nervousness that may exist.
The game begins when the instructor selects on item out of a box and passes the remaining items around to the other training participants. In his current post, he drives the recruitment, training, and health and wellness initiatives for 2,000 employees across the U.S.

These important interpersonal skills are not always taught in a university classroom setting or in a management training seminar.
One type of listening game involves a trainer giving instructions on how to draw a picture. The more an individual enjoys and actively participates in training the more likely they will retain the lesson.
However, some of the more amusing and powerful learning methods for these skills involve scenarios that resemble games. One example of a game that improves creative and spontaneous collaboration involves the development of a story. This game helps the manager listen to the concerns of others and envision how to address their needs. The manager uses his interpersonal communication skills to deliver the requirements and bring the teams together for the testing phase. The games allow participants to develop skills to improve their ability to work as part of a group and with others on an individual basis. The benefit of the game is to expose the managers to a situation in a training environment so they have the confidence to negotiate and communicate when they are faced with a similar issue in the field.
Once that story is over the next participant begins a story about their object and the game continues.

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