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If you play the lottery and your marriage is in trouble, you might do well to wait until you're divorced before buying your next ticket.
If you’ve won the lottery and you’re contemplating divorce, consult with an attorney as soon as possible. If I was in that situation, I don't think I'd feel right taking the money if the ticket was purchased while divorce proceedings were going on. Good for him and all, but I honestly don't see how he is in any way entitled to money she won, before or after they were divorced. But just as importantly in the context of divorce settlements, the person who has stayed home in their contribution to the marriage has given up future earning power because they leave the marriage with no relevant work experience. Mrs Bayford later said she hoped the windfall would allow the family to spend more time together. If you don’t live in a community property state, your state laws may still dictate whether you have to give your wife a portion of your lottery winnings if the ticket was purchased during the marriage. If you accept your Lotto winnings in the form of an annuity, you’ll receive incremental payments, usually yearly.
Clearly, these two were going to get divorced regardless of whether or not anyone won the lottery.
However, a former friend said the win had ‘changed her’ and that she had lost touch many of her old acquaintances. Your wife would receive a full half of your winnings in these states, which include Wisconsin, New Mexico, Louisiana, California, Arizona, Texas, Idaho, Nevada and Washington. If your uncle is capable of doing such a shitty thing to someone then maybe that's why his ex wanted to divorce him.
In my state at least, income or property acquired after the couple separates but before the finalization of the divorce is not considered to be a marital asset.
If you’re divorcing your wife because she committed adultery, she would probably not receive a full 50 percent of your winnings in such jurisdictions. Had the winning numbers listed on the tough operate you need to have to engage in to manifest. A man in southwest China who won the lottery and swiftly divorced his wife without telling her has been ordered by a court to hand over part of his winnings, according to a newspaper report.
She sued her ex-husband, demanding half the prize money, arguing it should be shared evenly as the man bought the lottery ticket when they were still married. A couple who scooped a ?148million lottery jackpot have blamed  the ‘stress’ of becoming overnight multimillionaires on their decision to divorce.But while Adrian and Gillian Bayford claim the huge sum led to the split, there’s also the small matter of a rumoured affair between Mrs Bayford and the couple’s gardener –  and accusations that Mr Bayford ran over his alleged love rival with a golf buggy. Friends also say that while Mrs Bayford revelled in the luxury lifestyle afforded by their EuroMillions win, Mr Bayford struggled to enjoy the high life and had not settled in at the couple’s country estate. Just 15 months after they scooped the  second biggest ever lottery prize, he has left the ?6million Georgian mansion where his wife still lives. According to friends, Mr Bayford had never learned to drive and could not enjoy the couple’s new fleet of cars – or even the golf buggy they bought, which they say he crashed while trying to navigate his grounds.But Mrs Bayford revelled in the luxury lifestyle afforded by their win – she has had a makeover and slimmed down, and enjoys their fleet of cars, which includes an Audi, a Mercedes and a sporty Mini.

The date on which you win the lottery has everything to do with whether you’ll have to share the proceeds with your wife. If your state’s laws determine that your winnings are subject to distribution in a divorce, the next issue becomes how your state divides marital property. Even if you purchased your lottery ticket at a time when your state’s laws say you do not have to share your winnings, the windfall will probably affect your divorce to some extent. Reddit condones this, while shitting all over alimony and women who pull this stuff during divorce.
For example, if the divorce action took place in my state AND they were legally separated at the time of purchase (which is likely since the divorce was finalized 3 days later), then that money is ALL hers.
Yeah, I really hate it when people cry sexism when it's non-existent, but in this case, Reddit seems to really favour men in divorce stories over women in divorce stories. That said, I have no problem with this guy trying to get half of the lottery money if the ticket was purchased with shared money. Your lucky lottery numbers might not seem so lucky if you discover you have to give away half, or any amount, to your ex-wife. If you purchased the ticket after you and your wife separated or post-divorce, and there are no extenuating circumstances, the lottery winnings are yours. He never said he is going after half of the lottery winnings specifically, just trying to get the lottery winnings considered a marital asset and then refigure the division of assets from there. In some states, divorce judges devise a financial division they deem is equitable given the individual circumstances -- for example, considering a spouse’s future earning capacity, who cares for the children and how many years you were married. If you try to hide the money or avoid collecting it until after your divorce is final, it’s possible that a court might perceive this as fraud and award your wife even more than 50 percent.
The only time this wouldn’t apply, according to attorney Michael Murray of Austin, Texas, is if the winnings were specifically set aside as your sole property as part of the divorce agreement. Otherwise, depending on how far along you are in the divorce process and the laws in your state, she may not be entitled to anything. A divorce being finalized 3 days later may mean it was submitted to the court 6 months before.
Divorce attorney can not speak for every state but he would not have a strong case in California. If you live in a community property state and purchased the winning lottery ticket while you were still married, you likely have to give your divorced wife half of the winnings. 3 days before a divorce is finalized they clearly are not together and i guarantee the uncle had nothing whatsoever to do with the ticket. In other states, the cutoff point is the date you file a divorce complaint or the date when your divorce is final. I've been watching him go through a hard time with the pending divorce so this happening just put everything over the top for me. Using your own funds to purchase the winning ticket may or may not influence the judge’s decision, depending on what other assets exist.

Mr Hudspith, who ran a second-hand record shop with Mr Bayford until shortly after the win, said: ‘Adrian didn’t want to do anything special after winning all that money. I think the real kicker here is she knew about this yet still allowed the divorce to proceed with her being awarded alimony. Actually, you found the one who manages a law firm, took a Family Law class, and went through a divorce herself.
Also it is so LIKE a woman to be spiteful and greedy when relationships disolve, but this guy deserves the lottery winnings because "he supported her for 27 years"!
If I was this woman's lawyer I'd argue that the lottery winnings, from a ticket purchased just 3 days before a final divorce order, are not marital assets at all.
According to Murray, that scenario is the only scenario in which your wife having custody of your child is relevant to the question of whether you need to share your winnings with her.
Also, if you purchased the lottery ticket after you two separated with the intent of divorcing, it would be more difficult for her to prove she should have any share of your winnings. If the purchased item suddenly mushrooms in value, such as a lucky Lotto ticket with all the right numbers, the appreciation between the purchase price of the ticket and the total winnings is usually subject to division between divorcing spouses.
If you’re living together and simply thinking about divorcing your wife, she is entitled to a share of your winnings.
Even if you win after your divorce is final, your ex will probably take you back to court to recalculate your child support to take your new wealth into consideration. Which is presumably why he's trying to acquire a portion of the winnings rather than all the winnings. A judge can sign an order granting the divorce but the clerk might not enter it on record for weeks (budget cuts=lots of back up). How shitty is that for her, let's be real here a few days out from finalizing a divorce that marriage is clearly over. While I don't know what state you live in, I believe that in all states the date that is used to determine this sort of thing is date of commencement of the action, not date of actual divorce. If you take your winnings in a lump sum and invest it, and the investment produces income, courts will consider this when calculating child support and alimony.
If she left him because of the money I could understand, but it seems like the divorce was already in full swing before she bought the ticket.
Reddit is generally against unequal distributions of power and women are generally thought to have more power in the divorce court. HOWEVER, I would also deny alimony, and whatever else I'm entitled to from the divorce proceedings. Divorce lawyer in NY and I think this would be separate as well even if bought with temporary support.

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