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Students who want to join the rapidly growing human services field can rely on Columbia College Online to build both classroom knowledge and practical skills into its Bachelor of Arts in Human Services program. Focusing on critical leadership and supervisory skills, our training program establishes a methodology for productive interactions between team members and team leaders. Our Harassment Prevention Training Program is custom designed to help participants recognize, prevent and respond to issues of harassment. This distance learning program focuses on professional leadership, intervention strategies, grant writing, and ethical issues to prepare students for graduate-level work or gainful employment. Rooted in psychology and sociology, this liberal arts education focuses on teaching leadership and management skills, increasing tolerance for others, and providing skilled and compassionate care. Students will learn critical skills, such as organizational leadership, effective communication, client advocacy, and job coaching.
This accredited online college program offers concentrations in Management, Family and Child Services, Addiction, and Gerontology to prepare students for in-demand careers with private and public agencies. ranked this program #12 on its list of Top 20 Best Online Bachelor in Human Services Degree. Classes in Ethics, Chemical Dependency, and Adolescent Psychopathology, plus an Internship in Human Services, prepares graduates from this top online college program for careers as Compliance Managers, Team Leaders, and Laboratory Managers. The benefit of getting a bachelor’s degree in Human Services as opposed to Psychology, Counseling, or another more specific field is that it allows you to secure a broad foundation of knowledge while keeping your options open.
Excelsior College’s Bachelor of Science in Social Sciences prepares human services students for careers in nursing home administration, counseling, and public health or nonprofit leadership, among other fields. Kansas State University’s Family Studies and Human Services Bachelor’s Degree program combines a solid foundation in human development with a concentration in areas such as psychology, sociology, gerontology, or women’s studies.
Students holding an Associate or Bachelor’s degree from an accredited school can utilize Kaplan’s Advanced Start program to complete a bachelor’s degree in Human Services in as little as two years.
Get to know CushionCushion is a human resources management company focusing on reinforcing a performance-driven environment that increases productivity, capitalizes on internal strengths and creates a strong foundation for ensuring a competitive edge.

Our training helps experienced, new and aspiring managers develop the skills vital to supervise and effectively lead. Organizations such as the Humane Society, Red Cross, YMCA, and Advocap have recently hired graduates from this program. Part of what makes Walden a top online college is its commitment to preparing students to compasionately problem-solve complex issues like supporting social change in multicultural communities, offering superior client advocacy, and providing legal and ethical client services.
Having gained a strong academic foundation in counseling, management theory, biopsychology, and social work also prepares students to take the Human Services Board Certified Practitioner Exam.
If you’re thinking of going to school to earn a Human Services degree, you may want to check out some online college programs.
This 100% online college’s Bachelor of Science in Human Services degree is perfect for adult learners with busy schedules who are interested in exciting careers as case managers, counselors, or program administrators.
Busy students who are interested in serving communities in need can turn to National Louis University, an accredited online college that offers a Bachelor of Arts in Human Services degree.
People who major in Human Services in college typically desire to enter into careers that will allow them to improve the quality of life of specific populations and enhance service delivery systems. The other option at this accredited online college is a Bachelor of Science degree, which includes an internship experience and is perfect for those who are new to the Human Services field and want hands-on experience. Affordable Colleges Online commended the university for availability of financial aid, reduced tuition for active military members, and student support services.
UMA’s Mental Health and Human Services completely online college degree offers specializations in mental health treatment, adolescent services, substance abuse services, developmental disabilities, and gerontology. It’s a broad, interdisciplinary field that covers a wide range of topics, all tied together by the basic objective to meet human needs and solve problems effectively. Students graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services from Kaplan University can pursue a variety of careers in social services, mental health, nursing homes, court systems, and education. National Louis boasts one of the oldest, still-active human services programs in the Chicago area and offers on-campus, hybrid classroom, and online formats.

Graduates of this top online college can qualify for careers in social service agencies and rehabilitation clinics, among others.
In order to prepare them for these careers, collegiate Human Services departments typically provide courses in subjects such as psychology, nursing, counseling, sociology, gerontology, education, and sometimes religion. Victory Media named this cheap online college to the Military Friendly Schools list, which honors the top 20% of schools nationwide for helping service members achieve educational success. Human Services Leadership is a great 100% online college Bachelor’s degree option for those desiring careers in government or non-profit agencies. Additionally, all students gain hands-on experience in the field by participating in a Human Services Practicum and Internship. Internships give graduates an edge in applying for positions in health services, education, government, and non-profit service agencies. Unique coursework in Intercultural Communication, Community Response, and Mobilizing and Coordinating prepares online college students for a wide variety of careers, such as Community Service Managers, Mental Health Aides, Community Activists, and Parole Officers. With the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicting a 22% increase in human services-related jobs over the next 10 years, this affordable online college program is a smart choice for students wanting to obtain careers in counseling, social work, gerontology, or rehabilitation, among many others.
Additionally, a total of 69% of our graduates have received new leadership roles since the completion of the program.
The university is also a charter member of the Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges consortium and strives to support military students and their families.

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