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Former journalists Richard and Cathy Brown, aged 66 and 64, from Ipswich, were enjoying a trip of a lifetime when they realised they had won Wednesday's ?6,123,395 jackpot.
Still, some psychics believe their powers could be very useful when it comes to winning big, and that’s the idea I intend to explore in the following few paragraphs. Much like dowsing, this approach utilises your intuition and any positive energy forces in the room and some psychics claim it has proven successful for many people. As Britain's biggest ever lottery winners are revealed, we take a look at some of the biggest winners - and losers - in the 15 years since the National Lottery was launched, ahead of a photgraphic exhibition of lottery winners that opens this Saturday at Fulham Palace, London. Thea and Paul Bristow?15 millionThe Britows, akelas of the 1st Torbay Scout troop in Devon, were facing redundancy when they hit the jackpot in 2004.

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You should find that over time the plum weight will move towards certain paper squares – these are your lottery numbers. They used their winnings to take their scout troop on a two-week adventure holiday in Canada by private plane, and later bought a seven-acre wood in order to protect it from property developers.
Peter Lavery?10.2 millionWhile some lottery winners splash out on champagne, Belfast-born Lavery used his winnings from May 1996 to buy Cooley Distillery in Dundalk, Ireland, which makes a 15-year-old malt whiskey called Danny Boy.
Stan and Pat Cable?4 millionA year ago the couple won a lifechanging ?4 million, but they still haven't moved from their two-bedroom council house in Suffolk - they like their neighbours too much to leave.Sarah Cockings?3 millionThis 26-year-old social worker spent part of her 2005 UK lottery winnings on a large house for her parents, and for her two sisters, breast enlargements costing ?4,800 "to improve their confidence".

They both suffered debilitating knee conditions, which had forced Tony to give up work and stopped them from practicing their much loved hobby of ballroom dancing.

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