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But there’s not one in a million of you who has opened enough outlets for that money to flow. We say, “You’re asking for millions and you’re [only] spewing ten thousand to the borders of the Universe.” In other words, there’s a tremendous imbalance. By Michael Losier ~ If we all got everything we wanted, most of us would have won the lottery by now. A story submitted to Rebecca Hanson & Global Law of Attraction Training Center by Jacqueline F.

This powerful book was written by a two-time lottery winner who explains how anyone can make the Law of Attraction work. Draw their experience from a quantity the CKI staff is notified by Friday, July improvement which.
We know that money is synonymous with freedom and that, the more freedom you feel, the more your valve is open and the more of it you spread around to others, you see. You create a funneling sensation that literally sucks, from the boundaries of the Universe, circumstances and events that will satisfy your desire.

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