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Lowe was not photographed by the state Lottery because $50,000 is not considered a large enough sum of money to merit a photo for most media outlets.'It came as a big surprise.
The Arkansas Lottery folks have a new scratch off ticket, and you can enter every loosing ticket to become eligible to win a new Fatboy.
Man, 22, gets out of a speeding ticket by showing cop his winning ticket after being pulled over on way to collect the $50,000 prizeScott Lowe, 22, was speeding on Sharp Street in Mass. Luckily Lowe had his lotto ticket with him to prevent him from getting a speeding ticket.Lowe's mother spoke with the Daily News and said that she is slightly concerned for her son's safety because there have been robberies in the area and she fears his new found wealth may attract unwanted attention.

You scratch off the top four numbers and then scratch off the bottom ones, if any of the bottom numbers match the top ones you win the dollar amount shown below each bottom number. The officer who pulled him over in Hingham issued a verbal warning and urged him to drive safely.Lowe, of Rockland, told the officer he was speeding because he had won $50,000 on a scratch-off ticket and was on his way to Massachusetts State Lottery headquarters in Braintree to collect his winnings. Best I've ever done was $500 on a $2 NJ lottery scratch off where every single number was a winner. Please allow 24 hours to be approved, however approvals are usually done several times a day.

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