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When you complete one of our Tutored Courses in Singapore, you will know exactly where and how to begin, and you will have a definite plan for how you will achieve your professional goals and aspirations!The Style Coaching™ Tutored Course in Singapore prepares you to set up your own business immediately after receiving your qualification. By studying for your Style Coaching™ career with our Singapore team you will have the skills you need to start your own business from home, or get a job in the fashion and beauty industry. The coaching elements within the course marked this one out, in relation to the competitors, and was one of the reasons why I decided to apply to the Institute for training.
The Style Coaching™ Course guides you step-by-step through every aspect of this profession.

I always wanted to help people and as I was always fashion-oriented and loved everything about makeup, hair, beauty and bodycare, the ‘Style Coaching course’ was just perfect to me! Practically constantly need data that they are and wellness coaching programs accredited by the have compensated.
Being supplied with the Business Pack with sample brochures, letters, etc, was a real asset for me in starting up my business.
Style Coaching™ has broadened my horizons and to a great extent has changed my own system of beliefs.

Right from when I first signed up for my Diploma in Style Coaching™, the team has always been friendly, helpful and their expert knowledge in every area put me instantly at ease that I hadn't signed up to some bogus company.

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