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In this continuing employability skills series, we bring to you useful and implementable insights about skills which make you more employable. Communication can broadly be seen as a combination of two components -- language and expressions.
In today's times, English is undoubtedly the language of business and being proficient in professional communication requires one to be proficient in English. Week 1 and Week 2: Going back to school Get hold of the grammar books that might be lying in that forgotten corner of your room, or use the books your younger siblings are using in school.
By following these simple steps, you can improve your English speaking skills, and with continued practice, become a fluent communicator without attending any 'learn English in 30-days' classes or 'full money back guarantee' schemes.

To make people recognize that communication is an essential tool for being a success in any chosen commerce field.
We begin with the most fundamental skill employers look for in candidates -- communication skills.
However, there are many among us who don't feel confident and comfortable speaking in English.
This may be a work of fiction, newspaper, company annual reports, online news, magazines, etc. Communication is also an important tool for thinking, speaking and getting things done. Motto: Be Brief, Be Sincere, Be Seated!

BodhiSutra offers both domain specific programs and general employability skills training programs for students in final and pre-final years of their engineering or management degrees. Repeat the conversations you had during the day with your colleagues and friends, this time in English.

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