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In this eBook I describe how a law firm can set up a client development coaching program for its lawyers.
If you feel your keyboarding skills are not sufficient to type notes, then I urge you to take handwritten notes or tape the coaching session and have someone transcribe it, then go back and capture the important parts of the discussion.You have selected the coaching participants. The coaching participants will revisit these ideas when they de-First Group Meeting with Coach velop their 25 Action Items later in the meeting.I urge you to have your managing partner or another firm Explain what coaching is all about and what a coach does.
Lawyers have many more choices of client development activities and have way less time to do any of them.
You must create trust and rapportto be able to coach the participants and getting to know themis the first step.I send out coaching questions to the lawyers I will be coach-ing.
Coaching helps lawyers make the right choices, narrow their focus, and use their time wisely. Increase business with existing clients and to bring inthem and will be more likely to recommend your lawyers and new clients.your firm to others. I like to begin with monthly meetings and coach- identifying what client development activities they have undertaken that month. S ECTION 1 After much consideration and research, I again approached our firm leaders to suggest that the Client Development 101,Training or Coaching 102 and 103 programs be incorporated into a more in-depth coaching program in which our new partners would partici- pate. Coaching is less about giv- ing the right answers and more about asking the right ques- tions.Some experts hold the view that in executive coaching, thecoach does not need to be a subject matter expert.
So, the coach shouldbe a lawyer in the firm who is well respected by his or herpeers and has a proven track record.Coaches should also treat the lawyers in the program with thesame respect that they treat their clients.

Think back about what you wanted to achieve in the coaching program, and on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest, give yourself a grade.
The idea is to make client development part of or by telephone every month or every other month de-your lawyers every day habits and it might take as long as 18 pending on how you set up the program.months to do that. InDallas, says coaching is: coaching your lawyers will get out of it what they choose to a customized and collaborative relationship be- put into it. S ECTION 1 ing calls and then taper off to every other month and some- times for more experienced lawyers taper further to quarterlyProgram Structure meetings and coaching session.
I suggest am coaching what she wants to accomplish over the next 90that before you meet, you write down questions to ask the law- days.
As important, the client de-grams were well received and excitement was generated, noth- velop coaching program is designed to help the lawyers sticking changed. I tell participants how client development is different After the first kick-off meeting, consider letting the group de-today and more challenging.
Enable lawyers within the program to get to know eachwill be able to create a new energy in your firm and create a cli- other better, to work effectively as a team, and to col-ent and client development focused culture in your firm.
S ECTION 3 Group 1: Brainstorm and come up with actions that can be implemented now that will produce new business and moreGroup Meetings business from existing clients in the next 12 months. I believethat in client development coaching for lawyers, the coachdoes need to be a successful lawyer who has developed busi-ness.
Ensure that each lawyer in the program is taking ac-If you do it well, your lawyers will bring in more business and tion.will build trust and rapport with clients so that they stay withyour firm, provide other opportunities for your firm to help 7.

In the body of the coachingGet Started sheet is a summary of the answers to the coaching questions.
It is important that participants participants know there is a training and teaching componentknow that the firm leaders support and are behind the pro- of the program and a coaching component. Group 2: Brainstorm and come up with actions that can be implemented now that will produce new business and more business with existing clients within 1-3 years.
The client development coachingers and offered to do three programs, Client Development 101, program is designed to give them the skills, confidence and102 and 103, to train our young lawyers. Throughout the coaching program I use the coaching sheet to take notes of our individual coaching sessions. Group 3: Brainstorm and come up with actions that can be implemented now that will produce new business and more business from existing clients 3 years and beyond.
The coach must work to develop good questions, actively listen and be empathetic to the lawyers he or she is coaching.

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