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At the moment we see an increase in emails  claiming to be from lottery providers saying “You have won a large amount money”, in a lottery like Powerball , Jackpot or any other fake lottery and to contact the claims agent. I got a letter on Saturday with a check for $1990.00- I called the agent this morning- told me how my name was randomly drawn in a promotional giveaway.
We are pleased to inform you that after the just concluded IRISH RANDOM LOTTO held in Belfast, Ireland, that you emerged as one of the winners of the Irish International Lottery programs. ST ELIZABETH, Jamaica – Police on Monday arrested and charged a 28-year-old bar operator of Whitehouse Gardens, Westmoreland as he allegedly attempted to coerce an overseas victim to send money in a lottery scam.

In order to prevent the fake lottery winner accounts from being suspended, the scammers change their usernames, avatar and bio. The scammers will gain money and increase their profits by collecting these fees from you (and others they manage to fool) but you will never receive any lottery payment. The fraudsters create Instagram accounts that impersonate lottery winners in the United States and the United Kingdom. However, they have nothing to do with this and they’re not giving away any money to random internauts.

Keep in mind that no one is going to hand out money on the internet, no matter how credible their story is. She told me that the chances of it being real are slim, however, she did say that if someone had really won, that the fact that they give you the money for any losses are the correct way a lottery should work.

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