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The first female coach to be hired by an NFL team has said that she hopes other girls will follow her into coaching professional American football teams. Following the meeting in March, Arians heard about Welter, who was on the staff of an indoor football league in Texas. That game made her the first-ever female to play in a professional football game as anything but a kicker. I'm 5' 2" 130 pounds, I never should have been able to do what I was doing even in the women's league.

Welter will work with the Cardinals' linebackers throughout training camp and the preseason, according to the team. And I think the beauty of this is that, though it's a dream I never could have had, now it's a dream other girls can have." Dr Welter added that her ability to build a career as a successful american football player despite being relatively small and light meant that she could bring a different perspective to her coaching role. The 37-year-old Welter was also the first-ever woman to play men's professional football at a non-kicker position when she took the field at running back for the Revolution last year. Speaking to the team’s philosophy on coaches and what can make a good coach, Bruce Arians, the team’s head coach, said that it was all about what they can inspire in the players, according to a release on the team’s website.

Welter played rugby in college and then spent nearly a decade and a half playing women’s professional football, for the most part in the Women’s Football Alliance. The idea to hire a woman on the coaching staff branched out from a meeting in March when Arians was asked about the possibility.

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