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Take a look at this communication model to see what is involved in truly understanding what we are intending to communicate to one another.
Our responses, based on our cultural filters, can become automatic behavior and beyond our conscious awareness. The ability to communicate effectively is one of the most important keys to success in any career. Non-trivial, complex and questionable information requires rich communication channels.
Use documentation only when you don’t have any choice and you completely sure that people understand you. However, documentation and broadcast is the only choice when you need to reach more people when you can.
42 could be an answer what you was looking for the whole life, but most probably it leaves you very puzzled. As an engineer, it is extremely important to know how to clearly communicate your ideas to avoid any misunderstandings. But excessive communication could be a big waste of time and prevent us from accomplishing other things.
Information could range from simple facts (your disk is 100% full) to complex disputes (I don’t like you).

You need many non verbal clues to correctly understand and avoid misinterpretation of a message. If communication is important for your job, career or life don’t trust low fidelity channels. Instant messaging – effective alternative for time-sensitive and fast exchange of simple information.
And most of them will still not get it unless information is simple, very well presented and you are very talented writer.
Engineers usually work in teams; therefore, it is essential to have the ability to share your views and opinions with others. To survive in the modern communication flood we should learn how to communicate effectively. It is really useful to have reliable system to deal with tasks (including communication) such as GTD. You and your communication partner need to jump large communication gap if you have little shared background, experience, not very familiar with each other and came from different cultures.
Instead of direct communication you can send email with or leave voicemail with promise for the future conversation.
Reserve this demanding, but most effective method when you really want to get you message across and understand your communication partner.

Allows real-time questions and answers and still provides at least half of clues and half of communication value. In addition, we cannot trust words, we often use them for convincing explanations without really knowing how we came up with them. I learned how to write about one subject in different contexts, as well as to use technology to communicate and collaborate with people.
This course addressed how to successfully write an executive summary, an introduction, and a conclusion, as well as how to write for a blog and a website. Our main job was to communicate effectively to the producers the thought processes that the team used to pick the best method (See Method Determination of the report).
Lastly, I wrote a set of instructions for my fellow "recruiters" to aid them in the process of searching a candidate's virtual footprint.

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