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Average High School Leadership Program Coordinator salaries for job postings in Elmhurst, NY are 36% higher than average High School Leadership Program Coordinator salaries for job postings nationwide. Program yoUr Future has several opportunities open for both high school students and middle school girls.
The impact of a junior high school leadership program on the academic success and leadership development of at-risk students. The primary purpose of this study was to determine the impact of a junior high school leadership program on the academic success and leadership development of its at-risk student participants. These high technology programs work in unison, creating a strong support system among the adults, high school students, and middle school students within the Bay Area. A secondary purpose, based on impact, was to evaluate the program as a potential school-based model for adolescent at-risk intervention.
In the application, it is important to emphasize both the technical and leadership skills that you may already possess.

First, the program is in a magnet school and the student population is heterogeneously mixed as to ethnicity and socio-economic status. As a leader, you will truly attain an experience of a lifetime, making a difference in the lives of minority middle school girls and diversifying the tech community! Third, its curriculum goals meet research-based criteria for effective intervention practices and leadership development. The PUF Leadership Team high school students will also receive Service Hours for graduation and may request recommendation letters.
Academic success indicators associated with at-risk students included achievement, conduct, attendance, and school engagement. Leadership development indicators included leadership practices students had experienced and leadership positions students had held.
In August 2014, there will be a Leadership Summit to train a new group of high school students for the activities in the upcoming school year.

Data collection included district or campus reports for cumulative attendance rates, grade point averages, and conduct demerits, as well as student survey responses for school activities, leadership practices experienced, and leadership positions held.
Results of multivariate and univariate inferential analyses show the leadership program had a slight positive impact on the achievement and leadership experiences of at-risk student participants. Descriptive data analyses indicated a positive trend toward better conduct from program participants as well.
The program did not have a significant impact on attendance, school engagement, and leadership positions students had held.
While the program met criteria for effective at-risk intervention as well as exemplary leadership development, results were mixed, so evaluation of the leadership program as a model for at-risk student intervention is inconclusive.

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