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Our Life Coach Training Program prepares our coaches to be outstanding examples of the power of our methodology; the principle of “walking the talk” is at the core of our Coach Training Program. Handel Group® Life Coaching (HGLC) is offering a new level of certification called the HG Practitioner Program (HGPP). Whether you’re focused on building your business or fully engaged in life’s great balancing act, you know that your best work comes when you are happy, healthy, and present in mind and spirit. To learn about private coaching or any of our other offerings, schedule a free 30 minute coaching session and see what HG Life Coaching can do for you.

Each coach undergoes a rigorous one to two year training program that has two goals: to become an expert in The Handel Method and live a life characterized by deep self-respect and pride, where every area of our coaches’ lives acts as an inspiration to themselves and others.
This new certification program will allow you to coach using the Handel Method®, under supervision of an HGLC Senior Coach, in individual, group and workshop settings.
Focus your efforts and maximize your impact on any area of your life by utilizing our coaches and the Handel Method®. Once admitted, you will learn to teach the Handel Method® to others, in addition to applying it to each area of your own life, evolving yourself so that you are deeply happy and an inspiration to those around you.

You will be given support to be held accountable for leading an honest and beautifully designed life.

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