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I’ve been taking an online drawing skills class with Patricia Watwood through Craftsy.
In this class, titled 10 Essential Techniques for Better Drawing, she goes over what drawing materials to use, shading techniques, simple composition techniques, perspective, how to draw shapes in 3D, and working with value and form. This was all a review for me of some drawing skills I had half learned, half forgotten at some point between middle school art class and college. If you’d like to learn or review some basic drawing skills (or know a teenager who wants to) this might be a good class for you.
If you’re interested in learning any art or craft technique and want to do so on your own schedule and from the comfort of your home, I recommend giving Craftsy classes a try. Or check out the many other classes Craftsy offers (the ones I’ve taken are listed in this post).
Art Classes Melbourne arebest classes for everyone.You can become a goodartist by joining theseclasses. You can join allkind of art classesthrough internet such asdrawing classes, paintingclasses, sculpture classesand many more.
Personal leadership abilities and talent good online art classes this priceless download will be in your hands ultimately allow the client. My kids and I have been trying something new in drawing instruction recently—online drawing classes. The classes are meant for adults, not oriented specifically for kids at all (although who knows, maybe they’ll add some classes for children to their line-up down the road), but Maia (almost 9) sat with me to watch a few lessons and try them out. The drawing class is broken down into seven lessons and the lessons themselves are brief (10 to 20 minutes each).

I thought the class was well done—the filming is professional and the steps are outlined thoroughly.
Craftsy first came on my radar about a year ago—I was intrigued but busy and set the idea of online classes aside until recently when Craftsy contacted me about trying out a couple of their classes and sharing the experience on The Artful Parent. Watching the online videos was quick and easy and yet we learned so much through watching the teacher demonstrate a drawing technique, listening to her talk about what she was doing, and trying it out ourselves during the lesson and afterward. These online drawing classes are nice because you can watch and learn at your own pace, when and where it’s convenient. There are some free mini classes (like the figure drawing class we’ve been taking) and the others seem very reasonably priced.
I think you have to set up a Craftsy account to take a class, Katie, including the free classes.
Currently I’m taking one of their online painting classes, called Acrylic Painter’s Toolbox.
With some of the other classes, the kids have joined in and learned alongside me or I’ve shared some of what I learned with them. Taking this class and this time to focus on my own artistic skill set and my own creativity feels like such a wonderful luxury.
If you want to learn some acrylic painting techniques, I recommend signing up for the Acrylic Painter’s Toolbox online art class. Craftsy has allowed me to take this class for free and has sponsored this post, as they have done for my previous posts about their classes.
But beyond the financial support of The Artful Parent, I am especially thankful to Craftsy right now for giving me the opportunity and motivation to pursue my own interests and creativity.

Advantages of Online Art ClassesThere are lot of advantages of joining art classesthrough internet. These classesalso beneficial fordeveloping learning skills,technical skills andproblem solving skills inindividuals. I enrolled in the free class, the one on human drawing with Patricia and its very delightful.
This acrylic painting class has been all mine, though, for the most part and I am really enjoying learning acrylic painting tools and techniques. You will gain so much knowledge on art, practices, safety and materials that are often overlooked or just not known when an art teacher is not an actual practicing artist. You can learn a lotof new things about artunder the guidance ofqualified tutors by joiningart classes.
The drawing instructor, Patricia Watwood, is a professional artist with an MFA from the New York Academy of Art and a long list of accolades under her belt. And that I believe could be helpful and good for you, my fellow artful parents and readers.

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