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For most of the kids one of the major problems in communicating is the lack of descriptive abilities.
On one sheet is a drawing made with circles, squares and rectangles while the other person has a blank sheet and is given a drawing kit. Toby Price from Mississippi has a daughter called Addison, 11, who has non-verbal autism.  He has noticed a marked improvement in Addison’s behaviour and skills since learning to use an iPad, and the Toca Boca apps.
Researchers from Canada recently studied children with non-verbal autism, stock image pictured, who were each Apple iPads for a six-month trial at school. Walton said many of her autistic patients pick up the games quickly, and have good memory, so will remember skills they’ve learnt when at home with their parents.
Provide your child with enjoyable practice interpreting and sending nonverbal communications. Wordless StoriesHum through a story without reading the words, letting your face and intonation reflect emotion, whether it is happy or sad, scary or surprising.
Magazine Picture Card GamesLeaf through a magazine with your child and cut out pictures of people showing a clear emotion. Drama GamesAdapt classic drama games to help your child identify and emote nonverbal communication through his voice inflections. From learning about numbers and letters to discovering how to win and lose, kids garner great skills from playing games.

According to a blog post on, a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows that playing games also helps kids try to guess what their competitors are thinking.
It is observed that one of the best methods to teach various things to your child is through games. Following games are tried and tested for development of communication skills in young ones. This game can help children learn synonyms and can be a good tool for building vocabulary as well.
Thus, at times these games even form a part of work shops conducted to enhance communication skills.
Asperger syndrome is a form of autism and people with the syndrome are often of average or above average intelligence. Toca Band encourages children to make music and learn about rhythm and tempo, while Toca Hair Salon Me lets players give their family and friends virtual haircuts.  The firm calls the characters in the apps ‘digital toys’ and although the games are not specifically designed for children with autism, they have proved popular among parents who have children with the condition.
He has noticed a positive improvement in Addison's behaviour and skills since learning to use an iPad. While children are often born with the instinctive ability to read someone else's emotions, the knack of sending the right emotion for the occasion doesn't always come so easily.
Write age-appropriate actions on folded pieces of paper, for a new approach to the classic game.

In 2008, Roberts began publishing her “Ask the Savvy Bride” column connected with her e-commerce wedding store.
Another important point covered through this game is sentence formation capabilities in kids. A person with a drawing has to explain verbally what he wants the other person has to draw to match the drawing in his hand. They have fewer problems with speech but may still have difficulties with understanding and processing language. We never realised that the children had these skills because some of them are so locked in.’ Walton said the technology can also be used to build other communication opportunities. Adapt classic children's activities to focus on nonverbal social skills involving body language and facial expressions. Try to find pairs of pictures showing the same emotion so that you can use the cards to play Memory, Go Fish or Twenty Questions.

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